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All 24 Ghost Types in Demonologist, Explained

There are many different types of ghosts in Demonologist. Here's all of them.
All 24 Ghost Types in Demonologist, Explained
Each ghost in Demonologist has unique characteristics. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

In Demonologist, players need to identify the ghosts haunting the locations they're exploring; this can be challenging, considering there are currently 24 types of ghosts in the game and more incoming, according to the game's Trello board and roadmap. To better identify the spirits in the game, you'll need to make sure you're knowledgeable about each one and its characteristics. 

In this guide, we'll go over every ghost type in Demonologist, including its unique traits and how to identify them.

demonologist ghosts
Each type of ghost in Demonologist is different. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Every Ghost Type In Demonologist, Explained

As we mentioned, there are 24 unique types of ghosts in Demonologist for players to identify. Here are all of them, their traits, and the evidence you'll need to identify each one. 

Ghost Type Evidence Behaviors
Iblis Spirit Box, easel drawings, ESG photos Unique Spirit Box answers, aggression, slows down around its target
Revenant Easel drawings, Spirit Box, ectoplasm Quick to aggression
Deogen Ectoplasm, fingerprints, ESG photos Singles out one player and attacks them, becoming calmer around other players 
Poltergeist ESG device, fingerprints, Spirit Box Throws things 
Agash Ectoplasm, fingerprints, freezing temps Moves faster in cold areas and slower in warm areas
Jinn Freezing temperatures, ESG device, EMF readings Highly active and mobile
Shade Easel drawings, Spirit Box, Ectoplasm Stronger in darkness; weakened by light
Onryo Fingerprints, EMG device, easel drawings Singles out one player and won't harm them if others are nearby
Hantu Easel drawings, Spirit Box, freezing temperatures Can inflict a curse that drains your Sanity
Wraith EMF device, Ectoplasm, fingerprints Aggressive and fast
Oni EMF device, ESG device, freezing temperatures Fast movement and fast Sanity drain
Myling Ectoplasm, Spirit Box, freezing temperatures Slowed down by candles; will blow them out when beginning a hunt
Thaye Easel drawings, Spirit Box, fingerprints Starts out aggressive but becomes more docile over time
Goryo EMF device, fingerprints, ESG device (if players aren't nearby) Won't respond to the ESG device if players are nearby
Raiju ESG device, Ectoplasm, freezing temperatures Will attack players when alone but avoids groups
Demon Ectoplasm, freezing temperatures, ESG photos Angered by players' interacting with areas of high paranormal activity, causing it to hunt a specific player
Mare Easel drawings, EMF readings, freezing temperatures Won't hunt if players are nearby
Naamah ESG device, easel drawings, Ectoplasm Can majorly lower players' sanity by as much as 70%
Yokai EMF device, easel drawings, Spirit Box Tends to start hunts early
Gul Fingerprints, freezing temperatures, Spirit Box Will become angry if players swear when using the Spirit Box
Abaddon EMF readings, fingerprints, and freezing temps Known for hunting those with low Sanity levels
Boogie EMF readings, ESG photos, Spirit Box Unknown
Guipo Fingerprints, Ectoplasm, EMF readings Rarely leave their room and often start hunts right outside of it
Yurei EMF device, ESG device, Ectoplasm Prefers to target groups rather than those alone

That's every single ghost in Demonologist and how to interact with them and identify them. More ghosts will be added in future updates, and, when they are, we'll be sure to add them to this list.