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Demonologist: How To Hide From Ghosts

Demonologist's new hiding mechanic lets you evade ghosts in inventive ways.
Demonologist: How To Hide From Ghosts
(Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Demonologist finally added a hiding mechanic, letting users hide from the ghosts in chase. This means that players will have a higher chance of surviving hunts, and will have new ways to combat ghosts' hunting them. However, you'll need to know how and where to hide if you want to have a chance against Demonologist's more aggressive ghouls.

Here's how to hide from ghosts in Demonologist to avoid getting caught out in a hunt and protect yourself and your team.

How To Find Hiding Spots In Demonologist

Hiding spots are a new mechanic in Demonologist as of an update released on 25 January 2024. Now, rather than just running from ghosts, players will also be able to hide from them and stay safe. This makes Demonologist's new ghost chase system a little bit closer to Phasmophobia's.

So how do you hide from ghosts in Demonologist? It's pretty simple in premise, but actually executing it can take some practice. There are hiding spots in every Demonologist map, including closets, cupboards, and boxes to crouch behind. Their locations are different on each map and can even differ on each playthrough, so you'll want to walk through the map you're playing on to discover the hiding spots before you engage with the ghost.

hiding ghosts demonologist
Hiding from ghosts will help you survive longer in Demonologist. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

To actually use the hiding spots, you'll need to wait until the ghost begins a hunt. Next, you'll want to run to one of the hiding spots you've found on the map and stay there. You can move out as soon as you're certain that the ghost's hunt is over, but be careful - some ghosts can do multiple hunts back-to-back, so it's important to know exactly where you're going to go at any given point if a hunt does begin.

Hiding is thankfully a lot more effective than just running from ghosts in Demonologist, so mastering this new mechanic is more than worthwhile for both beginners and veterans of this ghost-hunting title. Just be sure that you know where the hiding spots are before a hunt actually begins, or you could find yourself in a bad position!