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Where Is The Lost Note Location In Demonologist

Here's how to find the lost note in Demonologist.
Where Is The Lost Note Location In Demonologist
Clock Wizard Games

While identifying ghosts and Exorcising them is your primary goal in Demonologist, Clock Wizard Games' ghost-hunting title also tasks players with some optional side quests they can complete for bonus rewards. One of those involves finding the hidden Lost Note.

The Lost Note can be pretty challenging to find if you don't know where to look, but we are here to help. Here's how to find the Lost Note on Cyclone Street in Demonologist.

What Is The Lost Note In Demonologist?

The Lost Note is an item that spawns when you receive a specific optional objective on Cyclone Street. Finding it will reward you with money in Demonologist, as with all other completed optional objectives.

Lost Note Locations In Demonologist

There are six different locations where the Lost Note can spawn in Demonologist. They are all on the Cyclone Street map, and are located throughout the building.

Here's where you'll want to look for the Lost Note in Demonologist:

  • In the bathroom, in the toilet
  • In the upstairs file storage room on the floor
  • In the upstairs bedroom sitting on the TV stand
  • On the counters in the kitchen
  • In the run-down bedroom, on the floor next to the chair
  • In the run-down living room, on the floor
cyclone street
The Lost Note can only be found on Cylone Street. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

How To Find The Lost Note In Demonologist

If you can't find it in one of these locations, look in the others. It's guaranteed to be somewhere throughout Cyclone Street, in one of the aforementioned spawn locations.

Once you're in the same room as the Lost Note; it shouldn't be too hard to find, as it's usually near the focal point of a room and isn't hidden beneath or behind anything. In fact, it might just be one of the game's easiest-to-find items, at least as it comes to those needed for completing optional objectives.

As we mentioned earlier, minding the Lost Note is an optional objective, meaning you'll be able to make some extra cash if you are able to get your hands on it - but retrieving it is never required, and you're free to leave a location without it so long as you've identified the ghost.

That's it for how to find the Lost Note in Demonologist, including under which conditions it spawns and the six different locations where it spawns. Don't forget that this objective only comes up on Cyclone Street, so if you're on one of Demonologist's other maps, you won't be able to complete it.