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All Maps In Demonologist

There are four maps in Demonologist to explore; here's all of them.
All Maps In Demonologist
Each map in Demonologist has quite a few unique traits. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are currently four different maps in Demonologist, each with its own rooms, layout, and size. As you progress, you'll unlock new maps, though the maps at higher levels aren't necessarily more challenging to complete than those unlocked at higher levels. While there are only four maps in the game right now, developers are currently working on more of them - notably, an Asylum map - according to the Demonologist roadmap.

Here's a quick look at every map in Demonologist, including its layout and what's inside.

demonologist bedlam update asylum
Demonologist's next map will be an Asylum. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

All Maps In Demonologist

You'll unlock a new map in Demonologist at levels 3, 10, and 15. It's unknown at which level the new upcoming maps will be unlocked, or if they'll be another starter map similar to the Abandoned Mine. 

Abandoned House

The Abandoned House is the starter map, so you'll be able to play it without unlocking it. This small map contains two floors and a Dream Room. It's the smallest map in the game by a bit, and is a good place for players to find their footing. 

Cyclone Street

Cyclone Street unlocks at level 3. It's a lot bigger than the Abandoned House starter map, though it only has one other floor (the basement). You'll have a more challenging time playing on this map than the Abandoned House due to its increased size and faster Sanity drain. It's a good map for beginner to intermediate players. 


The Hospital unlocks at level 10 and is just a little larger than Cyclone Street, still boasting three floors rather than the Abandoned House's two floors. As arguably the most challenging map in the game, it's best for intermediate to advanced players. 

Kurosawa House

While the Kurosawa House unlocks at level 15, it isn't much more challenging than the Hospital or Cyclone Street; in fact, some players might argue that it's easier. It only has two floors, like the Abandoned House, though it's darker in Kurosawa House. While this map unlocks all the way up at level 15, a beginner could probably easily take it on. Still, it's important to bring the right tools to combat this map's deep darkness, which can make it hard to navigate. 

Those are all of the maps in Demonologist as of right now. More maps will be added in the future, according to the Demonologist Trello board and 2023 roadmap, so we'll be sure to add every new map