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When Is The Next Demonologist Update?

Here's when the next Demonologist update is coming.
When Is The Next Demonologist Update?
Clock Wizard Games

Demonologist allows players to identify and hunt ghosts, using evidence to find out who they are before performing an Exorcism to rid the area of them entirely. The game's premise follows that of Phasmophobia to some extent, and it's drawn interest from horror lovers and those who enjoy co-op strategy games. 

While Demonologist is rising in popularity, the game is in Early Access and is still in relatively early development. That means that while the game has a lot of great features already, there are tons of mechanics in the works for Demonologist. Here's when players can expect the next Demonologist update, and what it'll include.

When Is The Next Demonologist Update

Demonologist's developers Clock Wizard Games tend to release a major new update for the game every month or so. The last update was released on October 25, adding a new map and Halloween content to the game.

With this in mind, we imagine the next Demonologist update will probably come sometime around early December 2023.

Demonologist next update
Each Demonologist update will usually add a new map and some new features. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

What New Features Are Coming To Demonologist Next

These features are currently in production, and will likely be included in the next Demonologist update or a closely following one: 

  • A New Map (The Turkish Village Map?)
  • Rework AI
  • More canvas painting

In addition to these concepts that the Demonologist team is actively working on, there are also lots of concepts that they haven't quite started on yet but plan to add to the game. If you're interested in what's to come in the long-run for Demonologist, you might want to check out the game's 2023 roadmap.