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Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible?

Can you use VR when playing Demonologist? Here's your answer.
Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible?
Demonologist allows players to hunt ghosts. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Demonologist is a horror game in which players hunt ghosts, much like Phasmophobia. Horror games like this are no doubt enhanced by VR, leading those with VR headsets to ask whether the game is compatible with virtual reality devices and headsets.

If you're wondering whether Demonologist offers support for virtual reality, you're not alone. Let's delve into the common question of whether Demonologist has support for VR.

Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible?

demonologist vr support
Demonologist would no doubt be even more terrifying in virtual reality. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Unfortunately, Demonologist isn't VR support compatible. While virtual reality could come to Demonologist and create an even more terrifying experience for players, it likely isn't coming any time soon.

A mod does exist that allows players to play Demonologist in VR, but developers say they can't guarantee its safety or support it, and thus it isn't recommended that users use it; instead, it's best to wait for Clock Wizard Games to add VR to Demonologist. It's likely that any third-party mods have some glitches, too, which will probably be eliminated in an official release.

When Is VR Coming To Demonologist?

Developers said on Steam that they "don't have a projected ETA for the VR implementation." This means that it could come in the future, but developers don't know when it'll be done and ready for players to enjoy or if it's coming at all.

As the game is still in relatively early development, developers are currently working on adding more quality-of-life updates, as well as adding more gameplay features like new maps and new ghosts. You can see all of the ongoing updates and those planned for the future on the Demonologist Trello board, which developers regularly update.

If you're hoping for Demonologist to add virtual reality support in the future, it's a good idea to leave feedback on Steam and buy the game so the developers can add more features going forward.

While Demonologist doesn't currently support virtual reality headsets or devices, it's possible that this feature could come in time, especially if the game continues to grow in popularity. For now, players will have to settle for playing the game on Steam without virtual reality.