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Destiny 2 Fan Made TV Series 'Ace' In Development From YouTuber Average Matty

A Destiny 2 fan-made mini-series called 'Ace' is in development by Youtuber Average Matty.
Destiny 2 Fan Made TV Series 'Ace' In Development From YouTuber Average Matty

Over the years, Destiny 2 has become one of the most elaborate sci-fi video game universes, full of intriguing stories and characters that fans either love or hate. 

However, since it's a grindy looter-shooter at heart, Destiny 2's story-telling sometimes takes a back seat to its gameplay. But with incredible world-building, the game leaves much potential for these stories to be explored in a different medium.

As such, it's no surprise that fans have been asking for a Destiny 2 TV series for a long time. While nothing official is on the horizon, an upcoming fan-made Destiny 2 TV series might finally be something fans have been yearning for. 

Ace Destiny 2 TV Series in development by Youtuber Average Matty

The fan-made Destiny 2 TV series, called Ace, is being helmed by Destiny 2 streamer and Youtuber Average Matty. Apparently, Matty and his community crowdfunded $60,000 for the project that will debut later this December. 

The 45-second-long teaser trailer for the same showcases a human Guardian (possibly a Hunter) holding the Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon (possibly paying homage to Cayde-6) and walking toward an Ogre. The teaser ends with a gunshot, which, yet again, seems to reference the death of everyone's favorite gunslinger.

Ace is not a fan-made Cayde-6 series

cayde 6
Unfortunately, Ace isn't about everyone's favourite Hunter.

The Destiny 2 community only had kind words to share over this announcement. It's no surprise that Forsaken is considered one of the best Destiny 2 DLCs ever, and many fans were happy to finally see something Cayde-6 related.

Unfortunately, while the teaser did reference the former Hunter Vanguard,  Ace isn't about Cayde-6. Average Matty confirmed the news on Twitter upon being asked about the same. 

While the upcoming Destiny 2 fan-made TV series comes as a surprise, what's even more surprising is that an official Destiny 2 TV series does not exist to this date. 

However, it's not like there have not been any developments in this regard. As spotted by thegamepost in 2021, Bungie was hiring for numerous positions, including something called Senior Executive in Development For Film, TV, and Transmedia. Unfortunately, more than a year has passed since this revelation, and there haven't been any official announcements about a Destiny 2 TV series or anime. 

An official Destiny 2 TV series by Bungie and PlayStation would be great

destiny 2 netflix series
It's high time Bungie and PlayStation made a high profile Destiny 2 TV series like Arcane or Castlevania.

Interestingly things might escalate for the better soon, thanks to Bungie's acquisition by PlayStation. The latter has been aggressively adapting some of its best franchises to TV. This includes HBO's The Last of Us TV series, and the newly announced Amazon's Prime God of War series.

Third-party Netflix adaptations like Castlevania, Cyberpunk Edgerunners and Arcane have also proven immensely successful.

With so many notable video game adaptations to guide it and PlayStation's resources to safeguard it, perhaps Bungie would finally be willing to produce a Destiny 2 TV series. Only time would tell. 

The first episode of Destiny 2 Ace mini-series arrives on 28th December 2022 on Average Matty's Youtube channel.

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