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Destiny 2 Bergusian Night Shader Is Back: How To Get In 2023

Here's how to get the legendary Bergusian Night Shader in Destiny 2.
Destiny 2 Bergusian Night Shader Is Back: How To Get In 2023

The Bergusian Night Shader is one of the rarest shaders available in Destiny 2; players have asked for its return since it was first released back in 2019 as a reward for completing the raid "Scourge of the Past." Those who have wanted to get their hands on it for a while now, though, won't have to wait any longer.

As of 11th April 2023, the legendary Bergusian Night Shader is back in Destiny 2, and players can pick it up from Ada-1 for 10,000 Glimmer until 18th April 2023, when the shop refreshes.

The Bergusian Night Shader is a purple and grey-themed shader with visual effects on both the armor and weapons, with some animated pulsating effects on its cloth. Because of its rarity combined with its unique design and animated effects, it has remained one of the most coveted skins in the game since its release.

The following two legendary shaders are also currently available in-game until 18th April 2023 for just 10,000 Glimmer:

  • Arctic Dreamscape
  • New Monarchy Allegiance

What Is The Bergusian Night Shader?

destiny 2 shader bergusian night
The Bergusian Night Shader has an animated effect on both skins and weapons. (Picture: Bungie)

The Bergusian Night Shader is a Legendary Destiny 2 shader that was originally available in 2019 as a return for completing the opening section of the Destiny 2 raid "Scourge of the Past." The shader was a guaranteed drop from a shotgun at the beginning of the section. Players could receive weapons with the shader on them at the time, and dismantle them to receive and keep the shader for themselves.

The cosmetic was not available for sale at the time; this is the first time the Bergusian Night Shader skin has been available for purchase in return for Glimmer. It's unknown whether the shader will return in the future, or if this single appearance of the shader in Ada-1's shop is a one-off occurrence.

It's exciting news for a lot of Destiny 2 fans that the Bergusian Night Shader skin is back on the market. Because this shader is a limited-edition item, you'll want to pick it up from Ada-1 before the week is over if you want to get your hands on it, too.

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