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Bungie is 'rigorously testing' PlayStation Live-Service Titles

PlayStation is reportedly using Bungie to 'rigorously vet' their upcoming live service games.
Bungie is 'rigorously testing' PlayStation Live-Service Titles

Jim Ryan has stated that Bungie is currently being used to 'rigorously vet' their upcoming live service titles. During a business call earlier this week, Ryan stated the following:

"We have been working with Bungie for almost a year, and the learnings in both directions have been very significant. They surpassed my expectations and equally, I think Bungie is extremely excited by what they can take from SIE in terms of market reach, marketing, collaboration, and the ability to amplify their IP.

We've brought quite a lot to Bungie, just as they've certainly brought quite a lot to us. They historically have been a heavily US-focused publisher with their IP underexploited in key markets of Europe and Asia...

We also work with Bungie on a pretty rigorous portfolio review process that we apply to all 12 live service titles that we have in production, and these are just brief examples of some of the learnings that we have gained from working with Bungie."

PlayStation Studios currently has ten different live service games in development, with all of them being from 'different genres' and for 'different audiences'. It's currently unclear if Bungie is actually directly working with any studio on a game, or if they have their own game currently in development included in that list.

According to VGC, PlayStation believes that by the end of Fiscal Year 2026, live service games will make up 60% of its annual game development budget. 

In July 2022, Sony acquired Bungie while still maintaining that it would remain an independent and multi-platform studio/publisher, meaning that Destiny 2 expansions wouldn't be exclusive to a Sony system. 

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