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How To Get Cenotaph Mask Warlock Exotic In Destiny 2

Here's how to get the Cenotaph Mask Warlock exotic armor in Destiny 2.
How To Get Cenotaph Mask Warlock Exotic In Destiny 2

The Cenotaph Mask is a new exotic helmet for the Warlock class in Destiny 2, introduced in Season of the Deep. Ever since it dropped, it's been stirring the Destiny community with its striking appearance and absurdly powerful traits. If you play as Warlock or are just curious about how to get this powerful exotic in the game, you're in the right place. Here's how to get the Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2. 

cenotaph mask
You can get the Cenotaph mask by farming the Lost Sectors at legendary or master difficulty. (Picture: Bungie)

How to unlock Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2

You can get the Cenotaph mask by farming the Lost Sectors at legendary or master difficulty when it's dropping helmets. Lost Sectors at higher difficulties are usually the source of new exotics armor that gets added to Destiny 2, so these should be your go-to source for the Cenotaph Mask. 

Vex Strike Force public event in Neomuna seems to be another source for the Cenotaph Mask, though one Reddit user had reported that it's not dropping any of the three exotics added in Season of the Deep. Nightfall at higher difficulties may also drop the Cenotaph Mask, but we haven't gotten it ourselves yet. 

Cenotaph Mask perks in Destiny 2

Cenotaph Mask can be a really useful exotic armor if used correctly. Its High Priority perk can get you and your ally infinite special and heavy ammo, which can be handy when navigating end-game activities. 

cenotaph mask
With the Cenotaph Mask, Warlocks can get infinite ammo for Trace Rifles. (Picture: Bungie)

Here's the official description of the High Priority perk
"Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Trace Rifles's magazine from reserves. Damaging a boss with a Trace Rifle matching your subclass marks it as a priority target. If an ally delivers the final blow to a priority target, Heavy ammo spawns for them."

One thing to add is that this effect also activates when damaging champions, mini-bosses, and vehicles in the game. Bungie has clarified this via the Bungie Help Twitter account. 

Divinity users are already having a blast with this new exotic as the Judgement and Penance works synergize incredibly well with Cenotaph's High Priority perk. The only downside to this is that you have to be using the Arc subclass, which isn't the best choice for challenging activities like Dungeons and Raids. 

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