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How To Get Centrifuse Arc Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

Centrifuse rifle is a new exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2 introduced as a part of the Season of the Deep, and here's how to unlock it.
How To Get Centrifuse Arc Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

One of the newest additions to the Destiny 2 is the Centrifuse rifle, an exotic auto rifle that was introduced in Season of the Deep. Centrifuse is a fun and powerful weapon that can spice up your gameplay in Destiny 2.

It is especially useful for PvE activities, where you can take advantage of its perks to deal damage and crowd control. Centrifuse can also synergize well with some mods or perks that enhance your mobility or reload speed, such as Transversive Steps or Outlaw.

This article provides a detailed breakdown of how to unlock the Centrifuse rifle in Destiny 2.

Centrifuse is a free to unlock weapon in Destiny 2
Centrifuse is a free to unlock weapon in Destiny 2. (Picture: Bungie)

How to Get Centrifuse Weapon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players can obtain the Centrifuse rifle by reaching rank 1 in the paid season pass or rank 35 in the free season pass for Season of the Deep.

The season pass costs 1,200 Silver ($12) to purchase, or you can earn it by completing quests, bounties, and activities in the game. You can track your progress and claim your rewards from the season pass menu.

Centrifuse is an Arc Exotic Auto Rifle that can be acquired from the Season Pass for free. It has a unique perk called Overcharge Capacitor, which increases range and reload speed when you sprint, slide, or fire the weapon. It also causes explosions on final blows and blinds targets when fully charged. It is a 450 RPM Auto Rifle with decent base stats.

Centrifuse is designed to encourage an aggressive run-and-gun playstyle, as it rewards you for moving fast and shooting enemies. The explosions and blinding effects can help you clear out groups of enemies and disorient stronger foes. Centrifuse also has a sleek and elegant design, with flowing robes and choral armor pieces that match the underwater theme of Season of the Deep.

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