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Destiny 2 Character Deletion Bug Explained

A new Destiny 2 character deletion bug is making the rounds. Here's everything you need to know about it.
Destiny 2 Character Deletion Bug Explained

It's been quite a turbulent time in Destiny 2 for many players. While Season of the Seraph is brimming with activities and new gear that fans like, it's the state of the game that's been causing trouble.
Just weeks ago, Bungie temporarily shut off its API because the new Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle was creating problems. Now a different, seemingly more troubling issue has surfaced, something that has the majority of the Destiny community worried. 

Destiny 2 Character Deletion Bug Haunts Players

destiny 2 character deletion bug
Two players have reported losing their entire character and progression in Destiny 2. (Picture: Bungie)

A character deletion bug is making the rounds and has reportedly plagued two players who have had one of their characters deleted. This includes all their weapons and armor. Pretty much their entire progression was wiped out. 

Reddit user CyanSolar was the first to report this character deletion bug. According to them, their Titan character got deleted after a weird black screen appeared in the logging screen with contacting Destiny 2 servers text on the bottom right side of the screen.

The Redditor also posted their raid report, in which they claimed someone had used their profile to run the King's Fall raid that day despite them not attempting it from their Hunter and Warlock characters. 
Thankfully, Bungie contacted this Reddit user and apparently was able to come up with a "one-time fix" to restore this character. When asked whether players should be worried about this happening to them, Destiny 2's community manager, Liana Ruppert, added that "there are no concerns this is going to happen again." 

Just days after this incident, another Reddit user, Zzephris, posted about losing their character with a picture that pointed toward the empty third space on the character screen. Unfortunately, as of this writing, this issue hasn't been resolved. However, Zzephris confirmed that Bungie had contacted them regarding the matter.  

Should Players be Worried About Character Deletion Bug in Destiny 2?

destiny 2 character deletion bug
Probably, yes.(Picture: Bungie)

While Bungie says otherwise, it's natural for players to be worried about this bug. Many users have thousands of hours of progress in Destiny 2, including god-rolls of crafted weapons. Hence, it's natural to be skeptical about logging in, especially when the Lightfall launch is on the horizon.

We will update this article as this matter develops. However, in the meantime, it seems the issue has only affected two people, one of which, as mentioned above, had their character restored. 

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