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Destiny 2 Crux Convergence guide: How to trigger Heroic public event

With the release of Beyond Light, we walk you through the Destiny 2 Crux Convergence public event, and how you can trigger the heroic version.
Destiny 2 Crux Convergence guide: How to trigger Heroic public event

The massive Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2 has finally released, and with it, the frontier of Europa holds many secrets, and challenges. For guardians who want to jump straight into the action, and take part in the Destiny 2 Crux Convergence public event, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide, including how you can trigger the heroic version of the public event for some even shinier loot.

Destiny 2 Crux Convergence public event

First up, you will obviously need to head to Europa to participate in the Crux Convergence public event.

Once you are at the location, simply stand on the location until the flag disappears to trigger the event. 

Destiny 2 crux convergence heroic how to trigger beyond light(Picture: Bungie)

You will need to defeat three Fallen Brigs, which might prove a bit tough since you should notice they have invulnerable shields. Here's how you can take them down.

  • Take out some smaller Fallen enemies and head to a Darkness Pyramid floating in the air.
  • Clear the enemies and stand underneath the Darkness Pyramid and capture the point.
  • Once the point is captured, the Fallen Brigs will become vulnerable, so focus on one and get it down.
  • The shields will respawn on the remaining two, so follow the process above another two times to complete the Crux Convergence public event in Destiny 2.

Don't forget to claim all your loot. 


Crux Convergence Heroic: How to trigger

If you want even better loot, then you will probably want to jump into the Crux Convergence Heroic version. To trigger the Crux Convergence Heroic version might be a bit tricky if you don't know what to look for.

Destiny 2 beyond light crux convergence heroic how to trigger(Picture: Bungie)

Follow the steps below to trigger the Heroic version of the new Destiny 2 Beyond Light event.

  • Start the event as normal but notice a handful of little drones hovering over the first Darkness Pyramid. 
  • Simply take down all the drones (they are very weak) from the first Darkness Pyramid, and continue taking them out by following the normal process of completing the event.
  • If you've taken care of all drones on all three Darkness Pyramids as the Crux Convergence public event progresses, a final enemy will trigger after taking care of the three Fallen Brigs.
  • Use everything you have at your disposal to take down a chunky Fallen Commodore, with the help of allies, to take it down.

There are some very tasty loot players can get from the Crux Convergence Heroic event in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, so don't miss out. 

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