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Destiny 2 Master King's Fall First Encounter Totems Challenge Guide

A step-by-step guide to completing the first encounter of the King's Fall Master version in Destiny 2, Totems challenges, and recommended loadout.
Destiny 2 Master King's Fall First Encounter Totems Challenge Guide

As has been the case with the recent raids released in Destiny 2, namely Vault of Glass and Vow of the Disciple, we have seen them have a normal and master mode. Master mode increases the difficulty of the raid through a higher power level limit and adds additional champions and match games. The King’s Fall raid is no different, and raiders are tasked with completing weekly challenges to earn extra loot otherwise not obtainable in normal mode. 

The loot acquired from completing the challenge each week is a harrowed weapon which guarantees specific perks per weapon, and masterworking these weapons gives additional bonuses to all stats. Completing each challenge contributes toward the King’s Fall raid seal and unlocking a new sparrow. 

For the first week, the Totems encounter will have the first challenge, which is likely to be one of the easiest challenges to overcome. Here is your guide to clear totems and its challenge with ease.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Totems’ Challenge

Destiny 2 king's fall masters challenge first encounter totems guide best loadout rewards loot
King’s Fall’s First Encounter: Totems. (Picture: Bungie)

The challenge for this week is quite a simple one. In the totems encounter, players acquire three buffs: brand claimer, brand of the unraveler, and brand of the weaver. Brand of the unraveler is found on the left side, and brand of the weaver is on the right side.

To complete this challenge players can not have either brand of the weaver or brand of unraveler twice in a row. 

An easy way to guarantee players do not get the same buff is by constantly switching sides. So, for example, if you start on the right side with brand of the weaver, the next buff you will take is brand of the unraveler on the left side. Keep rotating players until you have reached 200 death singer power from killing ads with the brand buffs. 

Master King’s Fall Totems’ Differences

Destiny 2 king's fall masters challenge first encounter totems guide best loadout rewards loot
The unstoppable ogres you will face during this encounter. (Picture: Bungie)

There are two significant differences in the master version of this encounter. The first is instead of unstoppable ogres only spawning in the middle of the main room, they now spawn in the right and left rooms.

Unstoppable ogres will spawn at 50, 100, and 150 death singer stacks deposited, one in each room. This brings the total of unstoppable ogres to 9 instead of 3 during the entire encounter.

Alongside them, the wizards which spawn in the top right and left corners of the main room have solar shields, and because of match game, you require solar weapons or abilities to break them faster. Using other weapons or abilities will still break the shield but takes longer, and for this encounter, speed is key so ensuring you have something to break solar shields is ideal. 

King’s Fall Totems Recommended Loadout

Destiny 2 king's fall masters challenge first encounter totems guide best loadout rewards loot
Thunderlord, a power weapon exotic in Destiny 2. (Picture: Bungie)

First and foremost, something to stun unstoppable champions is a must. Your options for this are shotguns, pulse rifles, or solar melee abilities. Deciding between shotguns and pulse rifles is completely dependent on what you feel most comfortable on.

Solar melee abilities are not ideal unless you are running solar titan. Warlocks lack the consistent melee unless you run a pure melee build which is not recommended for this encounter, while solar hunters are a lot squishier than their other subclasses. 

As mentioned, solar weapons or abilities make for dealing with the wizards far quicker in the time-based encounter. If you are not running a shotgun, having something to nuke the blightguards, and unstoppables is a must. Fusion rifles, especially Riptide and Cartesian Co-ordinate are recommended. Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers can also help a lot, Thunderlord and Gjallarhorn are recommended here. 

As far as subclasses for each class go, solar warlock is by far the strongest for totems. Running Phoenix Protocol and placing your well on the plates makes surviving on the plates far easier and super regeneration for every player almost instant. As for titans, solar with Loreley Splendor Helm makes survival far easier even with the recent nerfs.

Finally, for hunter, there are a few ways of approaching this encounter, Void with Omnioculous, Orpheus Rig and Gyrfalcon's Hauberk (when it is enabled), arc with Liar’s Handshake, or stasis with Renewal Grasps. Ultimately choose whatever you find easiest to survive and clear ads within this encounter. 

Master King’s Fall Totems Loot

Destiny 2 king's fall masters challenge first encounter totems guide best loadout rewards loot
Smite of Merain (Harrowed), one of the weapons you can acquire from master. (Picture: Bungie)

Upon completing the encounter and its challenge will grant you a harrowed weapon. There is no guarantee which weapon you will get from the encounter. What is guaranteed is each weapon will have 2 perks which each weapon will have, alongside two additional perks.

Harrowed weapons can not be crafted. Additionally, regardless of completing the challenge or not, you will acquire armor with high stat-focused armor depending on the week. For the first week, you will receive armor with high mobility.

Good luck to those attempting to complete this challenge, and stay tuned for more challenge guides in the coming weeks. 

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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