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Destiny 2 Synthweave not working - How to fix

The ornament system in Destiny 2 seems to be experiencing some kind of malfunction, as players are unable to their Synthweave Bolts.
Destiny 2 Synthweave not working - How to fix

Update: With the 9th June This Week at Bungie update, the developers revealed that "players can work around this issue by unlocking the armor ornaments via individual armor previews quickly after selecting to preview their appearance."

Original story:

Destiny 2 players looking to create new pieces of ornament during Season of the Haunted have been voicing their concerns via social media, as the Synthweave system is experiencing some kind of bug that isn't allowing players to use their Bolts to create cosmetics. 

The transmog system was finally implemented into Destiny 2 during season 15. While the process is certainly convoluted, with new currencies created just for the purpose of giving players something else to grind, the ability to turn every piece of armor in the game (barring exotics of course) into a universal ornament, is something fans have been clamoring for years. 

Sadly, it seems that the appearance customization options stopped working in Destiny 2. 

Synthweave Bolts not working in Destiny 2

destiny 2
The transmog system in Destiny 2 appears to be bugged. (Picture: Bungie)

In order for players to turn a piece of gear into a universal ornament, they need to exchange one Synthweave Bolt per piece. This is a one time process, with the gear selected becoming a universal ornament permanently. 

However, at the time of writing, we can confirm the process seems to be experiencing some kind of malfunction, as we've mentioned, as it does not let you utilize your Synthweave Bolts to create ornaments. Sadly, there is no fix for this issue at the present time.

Users have started reporting online that they can't utilize the appearance customization options, with the game refusing to trade their Synthweave Bolts for new pieces of universal ornaments. 

The Bungie Helps Twitter account, where the developers share news about upcoming bug fixes and issues with Destiny 2, has yet to acknowledge this issue. 

destiny 2 season 17
Guardians can't combat the Nightmare forces in style. (Picture: Bungie)

It may have been caused by a recent hotfix Bungie deployed on 7th June, which aimed to tweak the Solar 3.0 subclasses. As always, we'll keep you updated as more information is revealed.

We recommend you follow the Bungie Helps Twitter account in any case to keep tabs on the situation and whether the developers' issue some kind of hotfix to solve the issue. 

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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