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Elemental Well Mechanic In Destiny 2 Explained (2023)

Elemental Wells are mod mechanics in Destiny 2 that generate ability energy and provide unique buffs. Here's everything to know about it.
Elemental Well Mechanic In Destiny 2 Explained (2023)

Destiny 2 isn't the most accessible game to get into; at least, that's true story and gameplay-wise. Combat, in particular, has many different layers, and the game developer Bungie does a poor job explaining some of these mechanics to players.

One of these game-changing mechanics in Destiny 2 involves Elemental Wells. If you're new to the game or are returning to this looter-shooter after a long break, here's our guide explaining how the Elemental Well mechanic works in Destiny 2. 

What Are Elemental Wells In Destiny 2?

elemental wells destiny 2
Elemental Wells in Destiny 2 are mod mechanics that grant ability energy and unique buffs. (Picture: Bungie / Shreyansh)

Elemental Wells in Destiny 2 are orbs that grant ability energy. They look like Orbs of Power but work like Charged with Light. Elemental Well mods provide unique buffs (in addition to ability energy) depending on the subclass you have equipped. There are two types of Elemental Well mods that you must equip (one to generate and one to exploit) to get these buffs on the battlefield.

Elemental Well mods are put in armor slots and cost energy. Firstly, equip an Elemental Well mod that generates an Elemental Well. Secondly, equip another mod that utilizes those generated Wells to provide unique buffs.

destiny 2 elemental well mods explained
Equip two different types of Elemental Well mods to get the buffs. (Picture: Bungie / Shreyansh)

For example, when you're running Solar and equip the Explosive Wellmaker mod, rapidly defeating combatants with explosive damage spawns a Solar Elemental Well. Now, if you equip a second Elemental Well mod like Well of Life, picking up a Solar Elemental Well will grant you increased regeneration for a short period of time. Makes sense? 

There are a ton of different Elemental Well mods currently available that you can mix and match to suit your build. And that's it. That's how Elemental Well works in Destiny 2. 

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