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Essence of the Oversoul Drop Rates Confirmed By Bungie

Bungie has confirmed the drop rates for the Essence of the Oversoul needed to unlock Necrochasm and its Catalyst.
Essence of the Oversoul Drop Rates Confirmed By Bungie

The reprised Crota's End raid has been in Destiny 2 for just over a week now. Players who completed the raid on Contest Mode were able to get their hands on the reprised Destiny 1 Exotic Auto Rifle, Necrochasm, without having to complete the associated quest. Those of us who were unable to get the clear in that 2-day time frame have some serious grinding to do. 

In order to get the Necrochasm, players must get their hands on 20 Essences of the Oversoul. The general consensus was that the drop rate on this material must have been bugged, but Bungie has squashed those concerns with a far more troubling revelation. 

How To Get Essence Of The Oversoul in Destiny 2

The Essence of the Oversoul is a key part of the exotic questthat nets players their own Cursed-Thrall-Exploding Auto Rifle, Necrochasm. Players need to collect 20 drops in order to unlock the weapon and an additional 15 to unlock the Exotic's (rather boring) Catalyst. 

Get used to looking at this green giant

The problem? The only way to collect these Essences is by completing the Crota's End raid and Bungie has finally spilled the beans on their drop rate over on their Forums. The official Bungie Help account had this to say in response to a fan's concern:

We can confirm on our side that Oversoul Fragments only drop once per week and per account as a guaranteed drop, when completing that raid. Besides that, every encounter has a small drop chance, but it's not guaranteed.

This means that the Essence of Oversoul is only guaranteed to be earned once a week across all players' characters. There is an abysmal RNG chance at more dropping, but how many times are you willing to roll the dice to collect these by running Crota's End again, and again, and again? 

Don't get too burnt out like this guy did

Guardians are united in considering these drop rates to be far too low as player reports of additional Essences dropping are worse than just "few and far between". While this is more of a streamlined way of guaranteeing the newest raid's exotic weapon eventually ends up in everyone's hands, asking players to run 20 weeks' worth of the same raid seems like a bit of a stretch. We're holding out hope that Bungie will eventually increase these drop rates, but only time will tell. 

That's everything you need to know about how to get Essence of the Oversoul in Destiny 2. For more, check out our guides on how to get your hands on the Red Death Exotic Pulse Rifle in The Final Shape and how to get a God Roll on Point of the Stag in Iron Banner! 

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