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Where to find Faction Chests in Destiny 2

Faction Chests in Destiny 2 are easier to find than what their name suggests.
Where to find Faction Chests in Destiny 2

As players become more and more acquainted with Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Witch Queen, players are discovering the myriad of content they have access to following the DLC's release.

One of the new quests, Trust Goes Both Ways, entrusts Guardians with getting familiarised with The Witch Queen's new locale, Savathun's Throne World.

By doing relatively simple tasks, like completing bounties, going on patrols, killing enemies, completing public events, and looting regional chests (probably the hardest thing in the entire grind), the quest is a simple introduction to the Throne World.

At one point, on Step 3 to be more precise, players have found themselves puzzled by the fact they need to find and loot "Faction Chests."

Let's unravel the mystery of what where to find these so-called Faction Chests in Destiny 2.

Location of Faction Chests in the Throne World

destiny 2 faction chests
You thought it was something cooler but it was me, a cache! (Picture: Bungie)

Faction Chests are non-other than simple caches veterans have accustomed to finding and mostly ignoring in all of the game's locations.

If you're new, they're essentially small chests that reward reputation and some Glimmer, so nothing to beat yourself up about for not missing.

As to how to go about finding them, your best bet is to equip your ghost with a Tracking mod. These mods allow you to spot caches at a certain distance and have different Energy costs:

  • Loot Seeker - 20m range for 1 Energy
  • Prize Pursuant - 30m range for 2 Energy
  • Cache Finder - 40m range for 3 Energy
  • Treasure Hunter - 50m range for 4 Energy
  • Expert Tracker - 75m range for 5 Energy

There are also a couple of mods that allow you to spot cache and resources at the same time, aptly named Wombo and Combo if you're keen on those.

destiny 2 ghost mods
To be honest, I just wanted to show off my amazing Game Boy Ghost Shell. (Picture: Bungie)

You need these mods to make your life easier since Faction Chests are random, they'll appear at different places every time you drop into a new area.

So now that you know all of this, simply head into the Miasma section of the Throne World and farm those pesky, useless caches before you completely acknowledge their existence. 

If you don't have mods, well, good luck finding those caches.


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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