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Fixed Odds in Destiny 2 - How To Get And God Roll

The Fixed Odds Machine Gun has an incredible perk pool after returning from a couple of years absent from Destiny 2. Here's how you can get it and the God Roll.
Fixed Odds in Destiny 2 - How To Get And God Roll

With Grandmaster Nightfalls looming on the horizon for Destiny 2 players, many are hard at work trying to get their hands on the best guns available during Season of the Haunted to synergize with Solar 3.0.

The most sought-after weaponry is undoubtedly the unvaulted Menagerie guns, including the likes of the Austringer Hand Cannon, Calus Mini-Tool SMG, and the Fixed Odds Machine Gun. The latter features an incredible perk pool that has many players salivating at the chance of finally getting that desired god roll.

What's more exciting is that the Fixed Odds, like other Menagerie weapons, can be crafted, allowing you to get access to enhanced perks. You'll need a total of five weapons with red borders so you can extract the pattern, so knowing how to get your hands on a CFixed Odds is essential. 

How to farm Fixed Odds Machine Gun

menagerie weapons destiny 2
Season of the Haunted brought Menagerie weapons to Destiny 2. (Picture: Bungie)

Getting the Fixed Odds is not an easy feat, however, it's straightforward. The only complication is that, like many things in Destiny 2, it's heavily RNG based until you grind the Crown of Sorrow upgrades. 

First, you'll have to earn the Fixed Odds Machine Gun by acquiring Opulent Keys. They can drop from a variety of sources including completing the Nightmare Containment activity in the Leviathan, Destination chests, Haunted Alcove chests, as a reward during the seasonal quest, and by killing powerful enemies inside the Leviathan.

Once you have your first Fixed Odds, you can upgrade the Crown of Sorrow at the H.E.L.M with Figments of Darkness to focus Umbral Engrams and get rolls for the SMG faster. Choose the Opulent Weapon Focusing upgrade to do so.

Furthermore, if you're looking for weapons with red borders to extract patterns from, the Focusing Deepsight upgrade will guarantee the first Engram you focus on each week will drop a red gun. You can also get the Focusing Double Perk to get extra traits on the first gun you focus on each week.

Destiny 2 Fixed Odds god roll 

As mentioned, the Fixed Odds Machine Gun features a very interesting perk pool, including the new To Excess Origin Trait. This is what you should be looking for in each column: 

  • Column 1: Feeding Frenzy, No Distractions, Under Pressure.
  • Column 2: Incandescent, Firing Line, Killing Tally.
fixed odds,
The Fixed Odds can be a good heavy weapon if you want to use another exotic in a different slot. (Picture: Bungie)

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