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How to complete Magnum Opus exotic quest and get Forerunner Sidearm in Destiny 2

The iconic Magnum pistol has been added to Destiny 2 with the 30th Anniversary update. Here's how you can get it.
How to complete Magnum Opus exotic quest and get Forerunner Sidearm in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary update has finally arrived. While the eyes of many fans are set on getting the returning Gjallarhorn rocket launcher or completing the brand-new dungeon Grasp of Avarice, Bungie hid one final surprise for release day.

Yes, after plenty of rumours circulated regarding the possible inclusion of Halo weaponry to celebrate the company's 30th birthday, Bungie managed to add a single, but very special nod to their flagship franchise -- the Magnum Pistol from Combat Evolved. 

Despite not being officially named as such, with Bungie avoiding any conflicts due to not having the rights to the Halo IP (that would be Microsoft, of course), the reference is pretty crystal clear to anyone that's played Halo before. 

Even the Bungie 30th Anniversary landing pages makes it very clear this is an old-favourite. "Reunite with an Exotic Sidearm that you may recognize from adventures long ago. It led you to glory then and it will do so again."

Enough about reminiscing, let's get to how to the important stuff -- how to get your hands on the Forerunner Sidearm in Destiny 2.

How to complete Magnum Opus quest

xur destiny 2
Xur is acting more mysterious than usual. (Picture: Bungie)

Before we begin, an important reminder to everyone. This quest is available for all players, regardless of if you buy the premium pack or not.

Once you load into the game, you'll immediately be dropped into the new six-man activity, Dares of Eternity. This is a fairly simple but quite entertaining mission, and you'll need to complete it in order to advance the quest.

In fact, before we even get to the exotic quest, players must complete the To The Daring Go the Spoils quest, which again, fairly simple, all you need to do is complete the Dares of Eternity once and collect your rewards from Xur at the Treasure Hoard landing zone.

Collect Strange Coins

The first step of the quest wants you to collect seven Strange Coins, an old currency that should be familiar with Destiny veterans. To farm them, you can find them doing the following activities:

  • Dares of Eternity
  • Vanguard Strikes
  • Crucible Matches
  • Gambit Matches
  • Heroic Public Events
  • Completing Bounties

You'll get a Strange Coin each time you complete one of the mentioned activities, so get grinding. Alternatively, Xur's Resplendent Reward Packages can drop Strange Coins to make it faster.

Obtain and complete bounties from Starhorse in Eternity

Once you get all Strange Coins, the next step is to use them to buy bounties from the Starhorse when you're at the Treasure Hoard LZ.

Most cost three Strange Coinswhile the weekly requires you to spend seven. You need to complete a total of three, so nine Strange Coins is the minimum required.

Few pointers: 

  • Only one bounty can be held at a time.
  • You need to complete them in a single Dares of Eternity run. Meaning progress will reset if you fail.
  • They have no expiration date.

Daily bounties revolve around getting kills with a specific type of weapon or Supers and earning a decent score (160,000 minimum).

Obtain the Strange Key

strange key destiny 2
One step closer to our sweet Forerunner Sidearm. (Picture: Bungie)

Another straightforward task, the only way for you to get the Strange Key is by reaching Rank 4 with Xur. You do this by completing Dares of Eternity and bounties from him and the Starhorse. Not much else to it. 

Talk to Xur

This is a freebie, once you get the Key, the next step will simply be to talk to Xur once again, who will send you on your way to find an Anomalous Object and a place to use your newly acquired Strange Key.

Find the Anomalous Object and use the Strange Key

For this one, you'll need to travel to the location where Dares of Eternity takes place, but don't do it by booting up the activity. What you need to do is head out of the room where Xur is and enter the room on your left, it's easy to spot since you'll see a glowing red teleporter.

Once you're in the snowy area, head to your right straight into a pile of rubble. This is where you'll utilise the Strange Key.

strange key
Use the Strange Key near this location. (Picture: Bungie)

After you've done this, a marker will appear on your map, follow it and it will guide you to a cave with a few jumping puzzles. The key is to jump and balance on top of a rolling ball that will lead you to the final jumping puzzle before getting your hands on the Anomalous Object. 

Visit Banshee to collect your reward

And that's it! Simply visit Banshee at the Tower and he'll grant you the Forerunner Sidearm. 

If you want a more visual guide, check  HOUNDISH's YouTube video down below.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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