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How to get Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

Old-reliable is coming back after years away from Guardians' hand. How do you get ahold of it?
How to get Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary update is here, surprising Guardians with the additions of Halo-themed weapons like the Forerunner Sidearm, as well as old D1 favourites such as the 1000 Yard Stare and of course, Gjallarhorn.

A relic of times past, getting your hands on Gjallarhorn in Destiny 1 was a cause for celebration. It was elusive, a token of your dedication to the game, and most importantly, a sublime broken weapon that was a joy to use. 

As time went on, more radically unique and broken weapons populated Destiny's meta and made the memory of Gjallarhorn seem more distant each time, slowly turning into a folktale retold by veterans to new Guardians. 

Bungie, perhaps much to the dismay of a die-hard core of fans, has revived the rocket launcher, updated and enhanced for the realities of Destiny 2's sandbox, utilising it to promote the now-available 30th Anniversary update.

How to get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

gjallarhorn destiny 2
Gally is back! (Picture: Bungie)

A thing worth mentioning is the fact that players need to buy the premium 30th Anniversary pack for the quest to access the exotic quest for Gjallarhorn. 

Visit Shaw Han

Shaw is located in the Cosmodrome and he'll give you the exotic quest And Out Fly the Wolves. 

Complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon

The majority of this quest revolves around the latest dungeon. If you need a quick guide to complete it, check out Fallout Plays' video below.

Visit Shaw Han again

Go back to the Cosmodrome and talk to Shawn for the next step. 

Collect Wolfpack Rounds

You need seven Wolfpack Rounds for this step. To acquire them you need to Powerful Fallen (the ones with yellow health bars). Make sure you deal the final blow otherwise the rounds won't drop. And remember, you need to stay on the Cosmodrome. 

Visit Banshee at the Tower

Another easy step, head over to the Tower and talk to the Gunsmith who will send you on your way to a Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome. 

Complete the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector

lost sector location
Lost Sector location. (Picture: Bungie)

The Lost Sector is pretty simple, there are no modifiers to it. So run through it and open the chest for the final Gally part.

Go back to Shawn

When you get back to Shawn, head to the small room behind him and look for a prompt that will let you reassemble Gjallarhorn. Once you do this, go back to him for the final upgrade.

And that's it! Other than completing the dungeon, is a pretty simple and straightforward quest.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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