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How to get sharp flavor in Destiny 2

Sharp flavor is a rare ingredient in Destiny 2’s dawning event. Here’s how and where to find it.
How to get sharp flavor in Destiny 2

The festive spirit has arrived in Destiny 2 with its annual winter event, The Dawning. The decorations are up, and everyone's favourite holiday vendor, Eva Levante, is back in the tower with her holiday oven. Players can partake in snow fights, complete holiday bounties, bake cookies and much more.

Like previous years, players can bake different varieties of cookies for the tower residents in exchange for exclusive holiday rewards. Unfortunately, finding the right ingredients can be a tricky affair. One such rare ingredient is the sharp flavor. Here's how and where players can get one.

Finding sharp flavor in Destiny 2

How to get sharp flavor in Destiny 2
Sharp flavor is required to bake Ascendant Apple Tart for Queen Mara. (Picture: Bungie)

Simply put, players can find sharp flavor by slaying enemies with a sword. In Destiny 2, swords are powerful weapons, and players can earn one through any of the game's activities. Unfortunately, the drop rate of sharp flavor is random, just like other Dawning ingredients, and as such, players have to keep trying until they get the necessary amount needed to bake the item.

While there's no alternative to getting sharp flavour more easily, there are a few tricks players can use to fasten up the process, if nothing else. For starters, finding an area with a horde of weak enemies is the key. In this case, Divalian mists in the dreaming city is a plausible option as it's brimming with Taken enemies. Taken kills also drops taken butter, another rare ingredient necessary in The Dawning. 

How to get sharp flavor in Destiny 2
Players need to slay enemies with swords to get sharp flavor. (Picture: Bungie)

Players with the sword perk called "surrounded" may also benefit since this grants bonus damage when surrounded with three or more enemies. While this won't directly increase the drop rate of sharp flavor, it will speed up the process of getting one.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.


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