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How To Get The Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow In Destiny 2

Here's how to get the Wish-Keeper exotic bow in Destiny 2.
How To Get The Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow In Destiny 2

The Wish-Keeper is a new exotic bow in Destiny 2 introduced in Season of the Wish. You can equip it in the primary slot. It comes with some unique perks, not to mention a sleek design that should be enough reason to get your hands on it. 

It's also the first exotic Strand bow in Destiny 2. Its intrinsic perk, Snareweaver, will allow you to suspend enemies and deal bonus damage to them, making it one of the best PvE bows in the current meta. If you're wondering how to unlock this shiny new powerful bow in the game, you're in the right place. Here's how you can get the Wish-Keeper exotic bow in Destiny 2. 

How To Unlock The Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow In Destiny 2


You can get the Wish-Keeper exotic bow in Destiny 2 by completing the new seasonal exotic quest named Starcrossed. You must own the Season of the Wish battle pass to access this quest. 

To begin this quest, you must reach step 26 of the "Wishing All The Best" quest. It's part of week 4 of Season of the Wish quest. 

Starcrossed is a lengthy quest similar to the Seraph's Shield and could take about 30-40 minutes to finish on the standard difficulty. Speaking of difficulty, like other exotic quests, Starcrossed has normal and legendary difficulty options for you to choose from. 

You can get the Wish-Keeper bow by completing Starcrossed on normal difficulty. However, if past seasonal exotic quests were any indication, you may have to run the mission on legendary to unlock its catalyst and upgrade its intrinsic trait. 

Like Seraph's Shield, Starcrossed exotic quest functions like a mini-dungeon where you encounter various platforming puzzles, mechanics, and bosses. Thankfully, the Wish-Keeper bow is a guaranteed drop from the quest, so you don't have to run it multiple times.

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