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Relic Tether in Destiny 2 - How to get and use

The Relic Tether in Destiny 2 might not be what you're expecting. Here's how you can get and use it.
Relic Tether in Destiny 2 - How to get and use

There is no shortage of secrets to seek out in Destiny 2. From Triumphs to world quests that give players no real direction on what to do, Bungie always makes sure to hide small rewards for players to chase. 

Recently, a new item has started to pop up for Destiny 2 players that logged in after the 19th April weekly reset, called the Relic Tether. With such a mysterious name, it's logical to think there's a big reason why Bungie has given this new object to Guardians out of the blue.

Well, we can confirm the Relic Tether does serve a purpose, a very handy one at that, in Destiny 2. Sadly, for those expecting it would lead to an incredible secret quest, we've got some bad news for you. 

How to get Relic Tether in Destiny 2 

For players to get their hands on the Relic Tether, they need to travel to the Enclave on Mars. There, they'll need to interact with the Relic Conduit.

destiny 2 enclave
Players will find the Relic Tether at the Enclave in Mars. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you've interacted with it, a new text will show up, explaining the nature of the mysterious item being given to you.

"The Relic hums with peculiar resonance. All at once, it becomes clear for you -- it is offering something. The nature of the thing is unclear, but its function is less obscured: a method of quantifying the Resonant Elements obtained from Deepsight Resonant weapons," the text reads.

How to use the Relic Tether in Destiny 2 

As the text mentions, the Relic Tether is nothing more but an item that tracks all Elements in your possession from Deepsight Resonant weapons.

If you're unaware, guns that you obtain boasting a red border can be used to farm materials utilised in the weapon crafting system. Previously, players had no easy way to access their stash of mats. 

The Relic Tether will take a space in your inventory. It can be dismantled to make room, and you'll be always able to pick it up from the Enclave at any given time.

destiny 2
The Relic Tether is nothing more than a tracking item. (Picture: Bungie)

Sadly, no cool secret mission, quest, or Triumph this time around, but we're hopeful Bungie has some surprises up their sleeves in the coming months that'll make Destiny 2 fans happy. 

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