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How To Upgrade The Candescent Armor Set In Destiny 2 Solstice Event

Destiny 2's Solstice event adds a new Candescent Armor set. Here's how you can upgrade and reroll it for better stats.
How To Upgrade The Candescent Armor Set In Destiny 2 Solstice Event

Destiny 2's summer event, aka, Solstice of Heroes, is now live, bringing in a new activity, new event exclusive challenges, and a plethora of rewards that players can earn. 

Bungie has made several adjustments to this year's Solstice event, and unlike in past years, there's only one new event exclusive Armor set. Thankfully, players can upgrade this new Candescent Armor innumerable times for better stats though doing so is a bit tedious. Also, the process can be a bit confusing for new players. 

If you're new to Destiny 2's Solstice event or are confused about how to upgrade the new Armor set, don't fret. Here's our guide that explains how to upgrade the Candescent Armor Set in Destiny 2's Solstice event. 

Destiny 2 Solstice event - How to reroll Candescent Armor set

kindling resource solstice event destiny 2
Complete Solstice Event Challenges to earn Kindling. (Picture: Bungie)

You will need two Solstice resources to upgrade and reroll your Candescent Armor. They are - 

  • Kindling 
  • Silver Leaves

As you soon land in the Tower, talk to Eva Levante, and she will give you a bundle containing the Candescent Armor set. Equip all the items to proceed the Celebrating Solstice quest.

Talk to Eva again, and she will give you a handful of Silver Leaves and direct you towards Solstice's activity - Bonfire Bash. You can earn Silver Leaves by completing activities while wearing Candescent armor.

kindling resource solstice event destiny 2
Use Kindling in the Armor Mods section to increase the armor's potential. (Picture: Bungie)

To upgrade your armor and reroll it for better stats, you will need Kindling and Silver Ash. You can earn Kindling by completing Event Challenges. As for Silver Ash, you will have to play through the Bonfire Bash activity in EAZ to convert Silver Leaves into Silver Ash.

Once you have collected the resources, open the Armod mods section of the equipped Candescent Armor piece and hover onto the Small Kindling section to imbue the piece with Glowing Embers.

Right next to the Small Kindling section, you will find the Glowing Embers one, which will allow you to imbue your armor piece with Glowing Embers by using Silver Ash, which would then reroll its stats.

upgrade armor solstice event destiny 2
Imbue the Kindled armor by using Silver Ash to upgrade and reroll its stats. (Picture: Bungie)

In most cases, rerolling the Candescent Armor piece will increase its stats though in rare circumstances it may also decrease its overall stats. Keep rerolling using Kindling and Silver Ash until you have your desired roll.

That concludes our guide on how to upgrade the Candescent Armor set in the Destiny 2 Solstice event. 
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Featured image courtesy of Bungie. 

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