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Destiny 2 Vox Obscura Quest Guide: How To Get Dead Messenger Weapon

If you're having a hard time completing Destiny 2's Vox Obscura quest, then we're here to help you with this comprehensive guide.
Destiny 2 Vox Obscura Quest Guide: How To Get Dead Messenger Weapon

Destiny 2 has a massive collection of weapons you will need to unlock to rule out the battleground. One such weapon, in particular, is the exotic Dead Messenger grenade launcher, which can only be obtained by completing a special quest called the Vox Obscura quest.

Destiny 2’s Vox Obscura quest was introduced to the game during Season 16. Luckily, the quest is still available in the Season of the Seraph, which means players who haven't unlocked the Dead Messenger can still lay down their hands on this weapon. So without any further ado, here's a detailed breakdown of the Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest walkthrough.

How To Complete Destiny 2 Vox Obscura Quest

Players can access the Vox Obscura quest through the Director in the Throne World section of the galaxy map. The quest has a recommended Light level of 1550 for the normal difficulty and 1580 for the Master. However, before you launch this quest, make sure you must have finished the Witch Queen campaign.

Stage 1

How to Launch the Vox Obscura Quest
How to Launch the Vox Obscura Quest. (Picture: Bungie)

Once the quest is activated, you'll find yourself on Mars. At this point, you will need to break into the Psion base, which can be accessed by hacking the back door. Once you're in, you'll encounter a bunch of Psions and Scorpius turrets in order to obtain one of the Interceptors.

Stage 2

The first objective in this phase is to destroy a large Goliath Tank
The second objective is to destroy a large Goliath Tank. (Picture: Bungie)

In the second stage, a timer will be displayed on the screen, counting down to Orbital Bombardment. If you fail to clear the airfield before the given time, you'll have to restart the quest from the beginning.

During this time frame, your squad needs to beat a Goliath Tank in order to make a path for Caiatl. Next, your team will face an Unstoppable Champion who spawns inside a small building. Therefore, your next objective is to take him out, and you'll receive a Drake Tank for the next fight.

Stage 3

Eliminate the Psions to encounter the Unstoppable Champion
Eliminate the Psions to encounter the Unstoppable Champion. (Picture: Bungie)

In the third stage, a ten minutes timer will be displayed on the screen. During this time frame, you must enter the control room inside the base by defeating another Unstoppable Champion, and an Incendior called Ba’Aruk.

After defeating them, you'll be able to access the control room via lower floors, where you'll encounter three Psion Codewardens. After defeating them, you'll finally gain access to the Control room.

Stage 4

Defeat the final boss, Qabrix, to get complete the quest
Defeat the final boss, Qabrix, to get complete the quest. (Picture: Bungie)

The final phase of the Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest involves a boss fight. As a result, your squad needs to defeat Qabix, which isn't a daunting task to accomplish. While facing off the boss, you'll find yourself trapped in a bubble of Void energy. In order to escape from this trap, use any non-explosive weapon to shoot the glowing spots on the exterior.

After defeating the boss, head to the top of the control room and cut off Caiatl’s broadcast. At this point, you can finally access the chest room in which you'll find the exotic grenade launcher, Dead Messenger.

So there you have it, everything you need to know on how to complete the Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2.

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