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Diablo 3 Adria Boss: Location, Drops and How To Beat Walkthrough

Emerge victorious with our guide on how to find and beat Adria, the Witch in Diablo 3, and learn which rewards you'll gain from defeating her.
Diablo 3 Adria Boss: Location, Drops and How To Beat Walkthrough

As you venture through the hellish landscape of Diablo 3, you'll face hordes of demons that will test your skills in battle, but none more so than the bosses that lead them. One of these bosses, Adria, the Witch, is a powerful one to be sure, but she's not unbeatable.

So to help you take down this boss, we'll be giving you a full walkthrough of the Adria boss fight in Diablo 3, including tips on how to beat her, where she can be found, and of course, the drops you'll receive once she's fallen. 

Adria Boss Description and Location in Diablo 3

Adria is a witch who has served Diablo for quite some time once the player encounters her in the game. She and another with by the name of Maghda rose to prominence in their order before staging a coup and taking over the operations. Once she met Diablo, she began serving him directly and gained tremendous power, even going so far as to have a child with Diablo as their plans for conquest became more devious. 

Diablo 3 Adria Boss How To Beat Location Drops Ruins of Corvus
Adria can be encountered during Act V in the Great Hall of the Ruins of Corvus. (Picture: Blizzard)

She's a powerful witch to be sure, but as we've mentioned, not unbeatable. So players looking to find her and put her out of their misery should complete the main questline, and reach the mid-act quest, "The Witch", in Act V, where she will appear as the main boss. To get to the boss fight, you'll head to the Great Hall in the Ruins of Corvus and see a pool of blood in its center, step into it and the boss fight will begin. 

How To Beat Adria in Diablo 3

Adria has some deadly moves, but she has only one phase making this a battle of outlasting her and getting in as much damage as possible. You'll also need to focus on her more than the pawns that accompany her as they will just keep respawning. Here are the moves Adria, the Witch will be using in battle: 

Diablo 3 Adria Boss How To Beat moveset and tips
As a general rule for fighting Adria, try to focus on her and ignore the blood oozes as much as possible until she dies. (Picture: YouTube / Meep763)
  • Slash: Adria uses a melee assault as a last resort when all other options have failed.
  • Wing Slash: Adria uses a conal melee move called the Wing Slash, which deals a lot of physical damage.
  • Arcane Rune: In a short radius, Adria conjures a pool of arcane energy beneath you that does arcane damage over time.
  • Whirlpool: Adria quickly teleports away from you while delivering Physical damage across a wide area (AoE). By seeing the black rune on the ground, you may determine when this attack will take place.
  • Blood Rain: A torrent of blood oozes will commence delivering Physical damage over time for 15 seconds, or until you step on them after she uses Whirlpool to travel back to her starting location every time her health drops to 25%.

As we've mentioned, this fight isn't too difficult as long as you're aware of her attacks as they can deal tons of damage, so stay light on your feet and keep your focus on the boss at all times. Keep dealing damage to her as often as you can while avoiding her telegraphed attacks and you'll be done with her in no time. 

Adria Loot Drops in Diablo 3

Adria doesn't have any special drops when you defeat her, but she does leave behind some useful items that will aid you in your travels. There is also a Diabloc Hoard chest that will spawn after defeating her which gives you some extra loot for your troubles, so be sure to pick it up. The following is a list of everything you can take home after defeating Adria, the Witch:

  • x1400 Gold
  • Guardian Harm
  • Nemesis Defense
  • Boneweave Hauberk
  • The Eater
  • Pathfinder Fury
  • Attack Havoc
  • Command Quest
  • Flawless square Amethyst, Ruby, and Topaz 
Diablo 3 Adria Boss How To Beat Location Drops Diabolical Hoard Chest
Adria has no special drops, but you will receive a Diabolical Hoard chest as a bonus. (Picture: YouTube / Meep763)