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Diablo 3 Urzael Walkthrough: Location, How to Beat, Drops and More

In this guide, we'll walk you through the Urzael boss fight in Diablo 3, as well as go over the location of the fight, the drops, and how best to beat it.
Diablo 3 Urzael Walkthrough: Location, How to Beat, Drops and More

Diablo 3 features a wide array of powerful demons and monsters that have risen from the depths of hell. While some of them are easier to deal with, others such as Urzael the Harbinger of Death are more difficult to take down. 

So to help anyone looking to take on this hellish beast, we've put together this guide to show you how to find, and defeat Urzael in Diablo 3. We'll also give you a breakdown of the awesome rewards you'll get for your efforts that make it worth your while to face this powerful creature. 

Urzael Description and Location in Diablo 3

Urzael is the first lieutenant of Malthael's army that lead the attack on Westmarch that lead to its inevitable destruction. He is encountered in the game during the quest "The Harbinger" and can be encountered at the end of it as the final boss.

Diablo 3 Uzrael Walkthrough Drops How To Beat Location
Uzrael can be found at the end of the Harbinger quest on the lowest floor of the Tower of Korelan. (Picture: YouTube / Jason's Video Games Source)

To find Urzael, players need to complete the previous steps of this quest, which will lead them to the lowest floor of the Tower of Korelan. Once here, the fight with Urzael will begin, luckily we've broken down the steps you need to follow to survive this intense battle below. 

How To Beat Urzael in Diablo 3

Urzael has two main phases during his fight, with each sporting their moves and the boss becoming more aggressive and erratic during the second phase. Below you can find the description of each phase as well as how to combat each one. 

Urzael Phase 1

Diablo 3 Uzrael Walkthrough Drops How To Beat Phase 1
Uzrael's first phase. (Picture: YouTube / Jason's Video Games Source)
  • Blazing Leap: Urzael will charge a leap, which will inflict heavy Fire damage in both the initial and arrival locations. Knockback will also occur in the destination area.
  • Cannonball: Urzael fires a charged shot that deals a lot of Fire damage.
  • Ceiling Shot: Urzael fires upwards, causing burning debris to fall onto the arena. You will be able to see where the debris will land, and it will deal Fire damage as well as knockback.

During this phase, you need to switch between staying close to the boss to deal damage, as well as backing off when he begins his larger AoE (Area of Effect) attacks such as the Ceiling shot. Keeping your distance lets you easily avoid his wide-range attacks as well as his Cannonball attack that can be dodged when you have enough space to move around. 

Move in closer once these attacks are fired off to deal damage while the boss is in cooldown. Keep doing this and you'll wear Urzael down to his second phase. 

Urzael Phase 2

Diablo 3 Uzrael Walkthrough Drops How To Beat Phase 2
Uzrael's second phase. (Picture: YouTube / Jason's Video Games Source)
  • Breath of Flame: Urzael will use his cannon like a flamethrower, shooting in an arc and dealing a lot of Fire damage.
  • Fiery Swing: As a last resort and if you're within melee range, Urzael will swing the cannon, dealing Fire and Physical damage.

During this second Phase the boss is more aggressive and won't give you much time to attack when near him, so try to focus on ranged attacks as much as possible or engage in close-range combat only when the boss is distracted. 

Fortunately, his attacks have very clear tells for you to notice and avoid, so you should be fine as long as you keep moving. Don't be too daring; avoid fire attacks at all costs, and you'll easily defeat him.

Urzael Loot Drops in Diablo 3

Urzael doesn't have any special drops once he is defeated, however, he does drop some useful items that can aid in your journey. Below are all the drops you can gain when defeating Urzael the Harbinger: 

Diablo 3 Uzrael Walkthrough Drops How To Beat Drops
Uzrael has no special drops, but they are still worth collecting. (Picture: YouTube / Jason's Video Games Source)
  • 22,500 XP
  • 500 Gold
  • Reward Sigil
  • Plan: Razospikes of Intelligence
  • Wayfarer Barrier
  • Centurion's Gore
  • Demonic Essence
  • Etched Mantle