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DOOM Now Runs On A Mars Bar - The Cycle Is Complete?

Adafruit Industries has shown off a MARS bar (MilkyWay in the US), running the original DOOM, as it all comes full circle.
DOOM Now Runs On A Mars Bar - The Cycle Is Complete?

Released in 1993, the iconic, original DOOM from id Software took place on military bases on the moons of Mars as demons from the red planet and hell attacked.

Just in time for Halloween 2022, Adafruit Industries has shown off how DOOM runs on a Mars bar. For those in the US, it is a MilkyWay bar, but for the rest of the world, it is called a Mars bar, just by the way...

DOOM Running On Mars (Milky Way) Bar

DOOM Mars bar candy milkyway adafruit industries halloween
Everywhere outside the US, this is called a Mars bar...(Picture: Adafruit Industries)

Early in 2022, Adafruit Industries showed off one of the smallest devices playing DOOM, in the Adafruit QT Py (QT Py ESP32 Pico board), and we suspect it is a version of this device inside the Mars bar running DOOM in all its pixelated glory.

The video showcased by Adafruit Industries is only 22 seconds long and starts with them opening a MilkyWay bar (per the image above) and then showcasing a small screen running DOOM inside the candy.

DOOM Mars bar candy milkyway adafruit industries halloween
Has humanity peaked? (Picture: Adafruit Industries)

For size reference, the fingers of the person in the video shows this is the size of an average human finger, running DOOM quite well.

We don't see any freezes as the game runs smoothly through the Mars bar. At the end of the video, a catchy line states, "Do not eat if it's Turing complete".

For the uninformed, this "Turing Completeness" is defined as: "A computational system that can compute every Turing-computable function is called Turing-complete (or Turing-powerful). Alternatively, such a system is one that can simulate a universal Turing machine."

DOOM Mars bar candy milkyway adafruit industries halloween
Looks tasty, though...(Picture: Adafruit Industries)

All modern programming languages are "Turing complete". In all fairness, it is just a fun way to say don't eat this little piece of hardware.

This seems to be a plastic Mars bar that DOOM is running on, and it is not made to be eaten; not that you can get this in a shop or while trick-or-treating this Halloween anyway...

Check out the short but sweet (yes, that was intended) video from Adafruit Industries below.

With DOOM running on a Mars bar now, we can't help but wonder if technology, and maybe even humanity, has peaked. Maybe, just maybe, we can one day see a human eat a real Mars bar on Mars while playing DOOM on an even smaller piece of candy. 

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Featured image courtesy of Adafruit Industries.