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Portal's Cave Johnson Is Getting An Announcer Pack In Dota 2

Portal's antagonist Cave Johnson will receive a Mega Kills voice pack in Dota 2, voiced by prolific actor J.K. Simmons.
Portal's Cave Johnson Is Getting An Announcer Pack In Dota 2

It is a tradition in Dota 2 that developer Valve make many exciting announcements at The International (TI) tournament, and this latest TI11 is no different. In addition to debuting the brand new Dota 2 hero Muerta, arriving early next year, Portal fans can rejoice because Aperture Science's founder and chief executive, Cave Johnson, will receive his very own Mega Kill Announcer Pack, voiced by prolific actor J.K. Simmons early next month!

Dota 2 Cave Johnson Voice Pack Revealed At TI11

cave johnson dota voice pack
The Cave Johnson Mega Kills Announcer Pack will release on 3 November 2022. (Picture: Valve)

First revealed on 29 October 2022 in a skit featuring Valve president Gabe "GabeN" Newell and TI11 hosts Kaci Aitchison and Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner, the Dota 2 Cave Johnson Announcer Pack will release with the 2022 Battle Pass: Part II on 3 November 2022.

Rather than explaining how the Cave Johnson Voice Pack was revealed, it's probably best to watch the clip below to see for yourself (it's hilarious!).

For the uninitiated, Cave Johnson is the main antagonist in Valve's Portal games, created by Erik Wolpaw and voiced by J.K. Simmons, the latter of whom is perhaps more broadly known for his work as the bombastic J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man (the editor at The Daily Bugle).

Still, Simmons' portrayal of Cave Johnson in the Portal games has been met with widespread applause. Its' worth noting that Cave Johnson never actually appeared in the game. Well, at least not directly. Instead, players could see several paintings of him throughout the Aperture Science facility.

Regardless, Simmons' voice is a welcomed surprise in Dota 2, especially after Valve received tremendous backlash for their seemingly washed-out, recycled Battle Pass 2022 content. While attempts were made to appease fans with the release of The International 2022 Swag Bag and the return of the popular Dota 2 Halloween event Diretide, the arrival of the Cave Johnson Announcer Pack is undoubtedly one for the books.

That's everything about the Cave Johnson Announcer Pack in Dota 2.

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Featured image courtesy of Valve and Marvel.