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Dota 2 Battle Pass could arrive soon as Collector’s Cache Call to Arms extended

Valve has extended the Collector’s Cache Call to Arms deadline, pointing towards a possible Dota 2 Battle Pass release in May
Everyone and their pet Meepo has been waiting for the Dota 2 Battle Pass for 2020 to drop or even just a peep from Valve about The International 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many Dota 2 esports fans have been wondering if they will even get a Battle Pass this year, and if The International 2020 will take place.

While there is no word on The International 2020 just yet, Valve has extended the Collector’s Cache Call to Arms deadline, which strongly suggests the Dota 2 Battle Pass 2020 will still happen, and soon.

UPDATE: The International delayed, most likely to 2021

Dota 2 Battle Pass 2020 incoming


It remains to be seen how Valve will handle The International 2020, or even Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) qualifications, as esports tournaments have moved to an online format due to COVID-19. 

Since the global pandemic, we haven't even seen a DPC event take place. However, Valve is going forward with the Collector's Cache for this year's Dota 2 Battle Pass.

For those who don't know, the Collector's Cache Call to Arms is an opportunity for Steam Workshop artists to submit their themed cosmetics for consideration to be included in the yearly Dota 2 Battle Pass.

This, in turn, means The International 2020 (or some form of it) as well as the Battle Pass for 2020, will still happen.

Valve has extended this Call to Arms until 3rd May 2020, explaining:

"While the original deadline for this year's Collector's Cache Call to Arms has already arrived, we've decided to extend the submission period for one more week.

Please make sure to submit your entries to the Workshop by the end of Sunday, May 3rd, and mark your submissions with the "Collector’s Cache 2020" tag.

This extension also means there is still time for fans to visit the Workshop and vote through the Queue to take part in the selection process. Vote now to ensure your voice is heard."

We simply don't know when the Dota 2 Battle Pass 2020 will release, or how The International 2020 will be handled.

However, with Valve extending the Call to Arms instead of cancelling it, there is a good indication the highly-anticipated Battle Pass will release sometime in May.


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