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Dota 2 Patch 7.27c: Winners and losers

Dota 2's latest patch dropped a few weeks ago, and now that some time has passed, we've got a better idea on how it's shaped the meta. Here's a list of the biggest winners and losers.
Dota 2 Patch 7.27c: Winners and losers
Dota 2 Patch 7.27c brought about some interesting changes. It slightly nerfed Blade Mail, reducing armour reduction from +7 to +6. But more importantly, it addressed some balance issues with Bloodseeker, Broodmother, Chaos Knight, Clinkz, Razor, Spector, and Underlord.

Of course, it's not all about the heroes targeted in a patch. Sometimes other heroes are affected too, and that's what happened in the latest update GOSU.AI gathered data on heroes with the most improved win rates since the patch dropped, and the results are surprising.

Dota 2 patch 7.27c
(Picture: GOSU.AI)

Some of the heroes mentioned above are there. Clinkz's win rate has increased by 4% in the mid lane, and 3.7% in the safe lane. Similarly, Underlord's win rate increased a whopping 4.3% in the off lane.

However, Magnus has been the biggest winner. His win rate went from a lowly 48.6% to an impressive 55.4%. Dark Seer, Doom, Elter Titan, Enchantress, Silencer, Sven, Terrorblade, and Tiny all benefitted to varying degrees as well.

“Midlane Magnus and Doom became very popular not only in pro games but in matchmaking as well,” said a representative from GOSU AI. “With very simple gameplay and insane farming potential, these two heroes are definitely the highest tier mid-laners of the patch currently.”

Dota 2 patch 7.27c winners and losers
(Picture: Valve)

Unfortunately, if there are winners, there will be some losers too. Of all the heroes in the game, Brewmaster’s win rate has decreased the most. It dropped from an even 50% to a mere 47.68%. Next in line is Visage, whose underwhelming 48.89% win rate dropped even further to 47.15%. 

Dota 2 Bloodseeker
(Picture: DOTABUFF)

Still, they’re both better off than Chen, whose pathetic 44.92% win rate hit rock bottom at 43.86%. His win rate is now the fourth worst in the game, above only Lycan, Nature's Prophet, and Io. To be fair, win rate isn’t the be all end all when it comes to how good a hero is, but it’s a pretty good indicator.

Dota 2's meta is in a pretty good state. The latest changes and trends have been generally positive. After all, Icefrog, the lead developer behind Dota 2, is a maestro when it comes to balancing the game. If he makes a mistake, which doesn’t happen often, he's quick to fix it.

It will be interesting to see how the meta continues to develop in the upcoming OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division, which starts on 14th August. Nobody can push heroes to their limits quite like professional players, and they’ll be sure to put on a good show.