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Dota Plus Summer 2022 - Battle Report, Immortal Spell Effects, and more

Dota Plus members can enjoy several new features, including Battle Report, Weekend Spotlight, Clip Builder, and more, in Dota 2 patch 7.31d.
Dota Plus Summer 2022 - Battle Report, Immortal Spell Effects, and more
The latest Dota 2 patch 7.31d has finally arrived following the conclusion of ESL One Stockholm 2022, bringing long sought-after balance changes to various items and heroes. In addition, developer Valve has also introduced exclusive new content for Dota Plus subscribers.

Among the many exciting additions include several new features, ranging from a new detailed Battle Report to new Guild Rewards and Quests. There are also refreshed Seasonal Treasures, Sets, and Relics available for purchase with Shards.

Dota 2 players can get particularly excited about new Immortal Item spell effects, which they equip to show off their heroes, and use the new Clip Builder feature to snap memorable in-game moments to share with friends.

Battle Report Update - Dota Plus Summer Changes

This article will detail all the new features that arrived with the 7.31d Dota patch update.

Battle Report

The first major attraction is the new Battle Report in Dota 2. This feature is exclusive to Dota Plus members and details various stats across all matches in the previous season. These include your best hero, role, and overall stats compared to similarly skilled players.

dota 2 plus battle report featured stats
Battle Report shows interesting stats about your gameplay. (Picture: Dota 2 / Valve)

The feature also has a Deep Analysis section, which you can use to filter and sort through various metrics to inform your strategy in future matches -- a super valuable feature for teams and coaches. Best of all, players will receive rewards for outstanding achievements.

Weekend Spotlight

Dota Plus members can earn extra Shards by participating in Weekend Spotlight game modes. The feature will involve rotating game modes, starting with Ability Draft and later a new fast-paced version of Overthrow Trios.

dota 7.31d patch update weekend spotlight dota plus
Weekend Spotlight will award Shards to Dota Plus members who participate in its rotating limited-time game modes. (Picture: Valve)

Each Weekend Spotlight will be available for a limited time, and Valve is expected to release an assortment of new game modes for Dota 2 players to enjoy.

Immortal Spell Effects

Dota Plus subscribers can also customize immortal Items by equipping special Immortal Spell Effects, regardless of which item your hero is wearing, meaning they can mix and match spell effects to their heart's content.

"Want to earn Finger of Death kills with the Hell-Spar Anathema effect while wearing the Abyssal Hellclaw crab claw on Lion instead? No problem."

Clip Builder

Perhaps one of the best feature rollouts is the new Clip Builder. Dota Plus members can use it to capture their favorite, most memorable moments while live-viewing games or watching replays. The clips generated are shareable and are encoded as h.264 video in up to 90fp.

dota 2 clip builder feature
The new Clip Builder feature allows you to snap and share your best Dota 2 moments. (Picture: Dota 2 / Valve)

Dota 2 players can fine-tune the clips, choosing the start and end points of the clips from the in-game timeline. Beyond this, they can also use advanced rendering to change the quality of various in-game elements without any third-party software.

Improved Avoid Player List

If you're like me and are quick to add toxic players to your Avoid Player List but can't remember why you avoided these players in the first place, then the following change is best suited for you.

avoid player list add notes dota patch 7.31d battle report update
You can now add notes to your Avoid Player List. (Picture: Valve)

Best of all, Dota Plus members can now add notes to their Avoid List and purchase additional slots to avoid even more toxic players this season. By default, players can only avoid 25 players at a time (which is far too little, if you ask me).

New Kill Streak Effects, Treasure, Guild Rewards

Kill Streak Effects have been added to the Shard Shop, allowing Dota Plus members to decorate their Dota 2 interface with Fire, Ice, or Gold effects, albeit at a hefty price of 150,000 Shards.

There's also a new Seasonal Treasure - now available to all Dota players - featuring new sets for Arc Warden, Death Prophet, Ember Spirit, Juggernaut, Nyx Assassin, Ursa, Vengeful Spirit, and Wraith King. There's also the Ultra Rare Ageless Apothecary courier reward for lucky players.

dota 2 seasonal sets summer 2022 update
There are loads of new sets available this season. (Picture: Valve)

Another exciting change is that Hero Relics are open to everyone (purchasable with Shards); however, only Dota Plus members can advance beyond Level 5. Finally, as usual, there are new Seasonal Sets, Dota Plus Quests, and an assortment of new Guild Rewards.

That's everything you need to know about the Battle Report Update for Dota Plus. In total, there are 115,200 Shards available throughout the season.

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Featured image courtesy of Valve / Dota 2.