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Highest Dota 2 Battle Pass closing in on level 100,000

The highest level Dota 2 Battle Pass, which is allegedly owned by a Saudi Arabia prince, is worth over $41,000.
The Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 10 was recently extended by Valve and will now end on 9th October 2020. Fans have been throwing their wallets at Valve, as the crowdfunded prize pool of TI10 is now well over million. If you've ever wondered who has the highest level Dota 2 Battle Pass, and how big it actually is, then we've got you covered.

Highest level Dota 2 Battle Pass

One Dota 2 player going by the nickname Purrrrfect Yuki, is closing in on level 100,000. Yes, this isn't a typo, this player has actually thrown over 41,000 Dollars at Valve to accomplish the feat.

Purrrrfect Yuki is allegedly a Saudi Arabia prince.

At the time of writing, his Dota 2 Battle Pass is by far the highest out there, clocking in at level 99,808. It is only a matter of time before he reaches level 100,000.

These stats come from STRATZ Esports, which has a Dota 2 Battle Pass leaderboard.

highest level dota 2 battle pass saudi prince

(Picture: STRATZ Esports)


The closest Dota 2 Battle Pass is roughly at level 71,000, while the third place is a comparatively tiny 24,000.

Keep in mind how only 25% of Battle Pass and related purchases go into The International 10's prize pool, while 75% goes to Valve.

There is no telling how big the highest level Dota 2 Battle Pass will get but the chances of the player making it to level 100,000 are very high.

His all-time record was set in 2017 with a Battle Pass of level 175,457, and he has been topping the charts for three years in a row.