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When Will Muerta Release In Dota 2?

Muerta is the latest character to join the Dota 2 hero pool. But when will she debut in-game?
When Will Muerta Release In Dota 2?

Updated: Muerta was released on 7 March 2023, along with Dota patch 7.32e.

Original article continues: Shortly before The International 2022 Grand Finals, developer Valve announced that a new Dota 2 hero would join the fray: Muerta. According to the announcement trailer, Muerta will "pierce the veil between the living and the damned" and "haunt the lanes" sometime in the new year. Well, it's finally 2023, yet Valve has been rather quiet about Muerta's impending arrival. So when will Muerta release in Dota 2? If you find yourself pondering this question, don't worry. We've got you covered.

Dota 2 - Muerta Release Date

dota muerta release date
Muerta will release in early 2023. (Picture: Valve / Dota 2)

Unfortunately, Valve has not provided an exact release date for Muerta in Dota 2. According to the hero's teaser trailer on 30 October 2022, "Muerta arrives to haunt the lanes in early 2023." That said, this new Dota hero will likely release sometime in the first quarter of the new year (i.e., between January and March 2023).

On that note, details regarding Muerta's base stats and abilities are also still scarce. However, it's not far a stretch to believe that her ability kit will skirt the boundaries of the living and the dead. Noteworthy, she appears to be wearing a brooch in the video below, which some users claim is the Dota item Revenant's Brooch. That said, Muerta's abilities might involve Ethereal forms, perhaps the ability to attack Ethereal units or turn Ethereal herself.

But enough banter. Let's return to the burning question: When will Muerta release in Dota 2? Well, based on the release dates of the last eight Dota 2 heroes, new heroes are typically released every eight months. The last character that joined the Dota hero pool was Primal Beast, released on 23 February 2022, which means that Muerta's arrival is now well overdue.

This is good news for enthusiastic players wanting to play Muerta in Dota 2 pub games, meaning she will probably arrive sooner rather than later. My best guess is that Muerta will release alongside the next major Dota 2 gameplay patch after the Battle Pass: Part 2 ends.

Note: While historical data is useful to predict future release dates of heroes or understand the rate at which new Dota heroes are released, it's worth noting that they aren't always spot on. That said, there were previous periods where an entire year went by before a new Dota hero was released. Don't believe us? Check out the historical data in the table below.

Name Release Date Dota Version Difference
Monkey King 2016-12-12 7.00 121 days
Dark Willow 2017-10-31 7.07 279 days
Pangolier 2017-10-31 7.07 0 days
Grimstroke 2018-08-24 7.19 288 days
Mars 2019-03-05 7.21c 214 days
Snapfire 2019-11-26 7.23 277 days
Void Spirit 2019-11-26 7.23 0 days
Hoodwink 2020-12-17 7.28 372 days
Dawnbreaker 2021-04-09 7.29 84 days
Marci 2021-10-28 7.30e 186 days
Primal Beast 2022-02-23 7.31 87 days
Muerta 2023-03-07 7.32e 373 days

That's everything we know about Muerta's release date in Dota 2. We will endeavor to update this page once we know more.