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Dota 2 Ringmaster: Abilities, Ultimate, Item Build & More

Who is Ringmaster in Dota 2? Great question—find out everything to know, including his abilities, item build, and more, right here!
Dota 2 Ringmaster: Abilities, Ultimate, Item Build & More
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Want to know more about Ringmaster in Dota 2? You're in the right place! Unveiled at The International 2023, this enigmatic new hero has caught the attention of gamers worldwide. But who is the Ringmaster? Good question—and we've got the answer!

Jump into the lore surrounding Dota 2's 125th mysterious new hero by learning more about his unique abilities and the best item build to maximize his potential on the battlefield. Get ready to pull the strings and outsmart your opponents!

Updated on 16 November 2023: Ringmaster will only be released in Dota 2 some time in 2024. Right now, not much is known about this new hero, so please take the information in this guide with a pinch of salt. We'll update it with concrete details once we know more.

Who Is Ringmaster In Dota 2?

Ringmaster is a new upcoming hero in Dota 2 introduced at The International 2023. The character is expected to arrive sometime in 2024 and will be voiced by John de Lancie, the same person who voiced Alarak in StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm and plays Q in Star Trek (thanks, Sheever).

While specific details about this new character are still unknown, the character seems to be themed around the concept of deception and traps, drawing on a carnival or circus jester persona. This theme is further emphasized by his dramatic reveal, involving a scenario where Axe falls into one of his traps.

Given this context and the limited information available, it's reasonable to speculate that Dota 2's Ringmaster might share some conceptual similarities with a hero called "Puppet Master" in Heroes of Newerth. Better still, they could even be the same hero, according to the game files.

ringmaster dota 2 puppetmaster entry

Fun Fact: Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth share a common root, with both titles having been heavily influenced by the original "Defense of the Ancients" (DotA) community mod in Warcraft 3.

What Are Ringmaster's Abilities In Dota 2?

Ringmaster's abilities in Dota 2 are currently unknown. However, his toolkit could potentially involve misdirection, control, or trapping enemies, akin to a circus ringmaster (or "puppetmaster") who orchestrates the show and controls the performance.

His traps, as hinted in the reveal trailer, could be both a literal and metaphorical representation of this control. Still, it's important to note that this comparison is speculative, based on thematic similarities and the scarce details available.

Below, you'll find a snapshot of the Ringmaster's abilities as found by u/WellisCute in the Dota 2 game files. The actual gameplay mechanics and abilities of The Ringmaster could differ significantly once he is officially released in Dota 2 in 2024.


Out past the lanes, at the edge of the forest, there is a narrow path. You could swear it wasn't there yesterday. You follow it into the smothering darkness... until there is a light. A small, glittering light dancing between the distant trees. You follow the light deeper into the forest. It's getting colder now. You can see your breath. A branch snaps behind you. You look. Nothing. Then...

What Is The Best Item Build For Ringmaster In Dota 2?

axe ringmaster dota 2

Sorry—you're asking a little too much from us at this time. Given how little we know about Ringmaster in Dota 2, we cannot provide you with a robust item build right now. We'll update this section once we know more.

And that's everything to know about Ringmaster in Dota 2. It's not much (for now), but hopefully, it's enough to satisfy your curiosity. Until next time—toodles!