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The International 10 Fantasy Predictions for Main Event Day 4

Here are our Dota 2 TI10 Fantasy Predictions of the Lower Bracket matches for The International 10 Main Event Day 4 on 15th October.
The Dota 2 International 10 Group Stages has concluded and we are now in the Main Event to find out which team will claim the lion's share of the $40 million prize pool and take home the prestigious Aegis of Champions. We've done all the hard work for you by coming up with the best TI10 Fantasy Predictions for the Main Event so that you don't have to.

While we've done our very best to ensure that our predictions will award you the highest possible points, the Main Event Fantasy predictions do involve a bit of luck, so we encourage you to make your own adjustments as you seem fit.

Of course, you may also want to change these picks depending on the Silver or Gold cards that you may have. Otherwise, you can just copy our picks directly. So, without any further ado, let's get right into our predictions.

TI10 Main Event Day 4 Fantasy Roster Picks

Here are our Dota 2 Fantasy predictions for Day 4 of the Main Event Playoffs (15th October 2021). Today's predictions are quite straightforward and you should select all five players from the team that you think will win the matchup between OG and Team Spirit.

We've gone for an all-OG lineup -- because, well duh -- defending two-time TI champions. Need we say more?!

  • Core 1: SumaiL (OG)
  • Core 2: Ceb (OG)
  • Mid: Topson (OG)
  • Support 1: Saksa (OG)
  • Support 2: N0tail (OG)
Dota 2 TI10 Fantasy Predictions for Main Event Playoffs Day 4. (Picture: Valve / @Sillicur)
Dota 2 TI10 Fantasy Predictions for Main Event Playoffs Day 4. (Picture: Valve / @Sillicur)

Alternatively, you could select the top 3 performing players from OG and the top 2 performing players from Team Spirit. At the time of writing, the only other team competing on this day is T1.

After our Group Stages and Main Event Day 3 Fantasy predictions, we have accumulated 2167.6 points and are ranked in the top 1% of Dota 2 Fantasy predictions overall.

And that's it! Thank you to Wessel Minnie (@Sillicur) for supplying us with these predictions and images.

We hope that these predictions will help you rack up some crazy points. We'll be posting our TI10 Fantasy predictions daily for the duration of the tournament, so be sure to check out our dedicated Dota 2 section for more updates!



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Featured image courtesy of Valve.