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Every Weekly Quest In Dota 2022 Battle Pass (Week 19)

Earn Battle Points to level up your Dota 2 Battle Pass and unlock exclusive rewards by completing all the Weekly Quests.
Every Weekly Quest In Dota 2022 Battle Pass (Week 19)

The Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022 boasts an array of epic cosmetic rewards, offering exclusive treasures like the newly released Faceless Void and Razor Arcanas or the Crystal Maiden and Phantom Assassin Personas. In addition, players can redeem items from the Immortal Treasure bundles, sprays, and Chat Wheel sounds.

There are many organic ways to earn Battle Points without spending money, including completing Weekly Quests. While these will likely take some time to complete, they're also fun to play with your friends. Better still, since the launch of The International 2022 Swag Bag, every Dota player can gain access to the 2022 Battle Pass, allowing everyone to grind games and unlock these awesome rewards.

All Weekly Quests In Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022

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Participating in Weekly Quests is an easy way to earn Battle Points toward the Dota 2 Battle Pass.

Players can earn Battle Points by playing Dota 2 matches. Every week, a list of quests is available for players to complete alone or with friends. Completing these quests awards players with stars; as players claim stars for completed tasks, they will earn allotments of that week's available total. We've listed every Weekly Quest challenge below for your convenience.

Week 19 Challenges
  • You Had Me At Dota: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Let It All Out: Get a Kill or Assist drawing First Blood in 2/4/8 games.
  • Finishing Touch: Win 2/5/40 games with Melee Heroes.
  • Something Smells Sweet: Collect 20/40/80/120/200 Taffy that was dropped by killed enemies (Diretide Quest).
  • Fully Charged: Use 20/50/100 hero ability charges.
  • Pain Buffet: Deal 3,000/16,000/75,000 damage to Enemy Heroes using Cleave abilities.
Week 18 Challenges
  • Never Played Out: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Dealer's Choice: Get 50/125/250 Kills or Assists.
  • Missile Material: Win 2/5/10 Games with Ranged Heroes.
  • Pop Goes The Greevil: Hit 10/20/40/60/100 Taffy out of Greevils in Winning Games (Diretide Quest).
  • Snack Attack: Lifesteal 6,000/16,000/35,000 health from enemy heroes.
  • Here Hold This: Disarm enemies for 15/45/90 seconds.
Week 17 Challenges
  • Star Player: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Kind Of The Point: Deal 5,000/15,000/50,000 Damage to Enemy Buildings.
  • Channel Changer: Cancel 5/15/30 enemy channeling abilities.
  • Season's Greevilings: Score 15/30/60/90/150 Taffy in enemy Wells (Diretide Quest).
  • Who Watches The Watchers?: Plant 20/40/80 Sentry Wards
  • Every Day Is Leg Day: Count the legs of your hero in each Winning Game, until you reach 3/15/45.
Week 16 Challenges
  • Play It Up: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • You Wound Me: Deal 25,000/100,000/250,000 Damage to Enemy Heroes.
  • The Real Enemy: Last Hit 50/150/350 Creeps in Winning Games.
  • Left From Dead: Pick up 5/10/20/30/50 Treats dropped by Greevils (Diretide Quest).
  • Heel Turn: Kill 2/4/10 enemy couriers.
  • Damager Manager: Prevent 2,500/10,000/25,000 damage using Crimson Guard or Pipe of Insight actives.
Week 15 Challenges
  • New Queue For You: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Disabuse Your Illusion: Kill 4/10/18 Enemy Heroes within Tower Range in Winning Games.
  • Keep It Clean: Purge 5/20/50 debuffs on yourself or an ally.
  • Who Guards The Guardians: Get 2/4/8/12/20 Kills or Assists on Taffy Guardians in Winning Games (Diretide Quest).
  • The Reason We Won: Plant 3/9/18 trees in Winning Games.
  • Leave So Much Trace: Stack 5/20/50 Neutral Camps.
Week 14 Challenges
  • What Does This Button Do: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Something Of A Collector: Earn 3/10/20 neutral items in Winning Games.
  • It's For Stabbing: Kill 3/9/18 heroes after using Blink Dagger.
  • No Dumping Allowed: Interrupt 3/6/12/18/30 Enemies while they are scoring Taffy (Diretide Quest).
  • Tumbling Lumber: Destroy 50/150/425 trees in Winning Games.
  • Home Invasion: Kill Roshan 2/6/12 times.
Week 13 Challenges
  • Easy For You To Play: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • The Pain Is Real: Deal 2,000/5,000/10,000 damage to enemy buildings or heroes with illusions.
  • 100% Effective: Bash enemy heroes 20/60/125 times.
  • Tonight We Ride: Hit 10/20/40/60/100 Greevils or enemy heroes with your Mount in Winning Games (Diretide Quest).
  • I Have The Power For Now: Pick up 2/5/9 Runes in Winnings Games.
  • High Fives Are Universal: High Five Players 10/50/150 Times.
Bonus Week 12 Challenges
  • Player Of Games: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Take It Back: Deal 4,000/20,000/50,000 damage to Enemy Heroes with Blade Mail.
  • Tower Terrorizer: Last Hit 1/3/5 Enemy Tower(s).
  • Wasted But Not A Waste: Collect 20/40/80/120/200 that were dropped by killed enemies (Diretide Quest).
  • Aghanim First And Foremost: Win 1/2/3 game(s) building Aghanim's Scepter before 30:00.
  • Unprovoked Slaughter: Kill 30/120/300 Neutral Creeps.
Week 11 Challenges
  • What Play You: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Stacked In Your Favor: Win 1/3/6 Match(es) in a 5-stack Party.
  • Never In Jest: Tip other players 2/5/10 times.
  • No Solicitors: Redirect Roshan after he targets our Well in 1/2/3/4/5 Winning Game(s) (Diretide Quest).
  • What About Second Blood: Kill 2/5/10 Heroes within the first 10 minutes of Winning Games.
  • Who Needs Sleep: Regenerate 3,000/8,000/15,000 Health.
Bonus Week 10 Challenges
  • For The Love Of The Game: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Truly Moving Experience: get 2/6/15 Kills or Assists after using Eul's Scepter or Force Staff.
  • Two To Tango: Give 3/9/18 Tangoes to Allies.
  • Candy Vault: Score 15/30/60/90/150 Taffy in Enemy Wells (Diretide Quest).
  • Ancient Predator: Kill 10/30/60 Ancient Creeps in the Enemy Jungle in Winning Games.
  • Open Your Heart: Deal 12,000/25,000/50,000 Damage to Heroes with Critical Strike.
Week 9 Challenges
  • As You Like It: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Workout Your Cores: Win 1/3/5 game(s) as a Carry Hero.
  • Postmaster: Capture 2/6/20 Enemy Outposts.
  • Plus One: Get 2/5/12 Double Kills.
  • Resistance Is Futile: Deal 4,000/12,000/40,000 Pure Damage to Enemy Heroes.
  • Scan The Plan: Reveal 3/9/21 Enemy Heroes using the Scan Ability.
Week 8 Challenges
  • Play Yourself Out: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Actually Do Stuff: Win 1/3/5 game(s) as a Support Hero.
  • Give Them A Minute: Stun Enemy Heroes for 30/125/300 seconds.
  • Creepslaughter: Last Hit 150/500/1,500 Creeps.
  • In The Arcane Gang: Deal 15,000/50,000/160,000 Magic Damage to Enemy Heroes.
  • High Fives Are Universal: High Five Players 5/15/45 Times in Winning Games.
Week 7 Challenges
  • Time To Click Stuff: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Click Harder: Win 2/4/8 games as a Strength Hero.
  • Stick It To You: Consume 20/75/250 Stick Charges.
  • The Grown-ups Are Talking: Deal 8,000/25,000/80,000 damage with controlled units.
  • Make It A Beat Down: Deal 16,000/50,000/160,000 Physical Damage to Enemy Heros.
  • Ward Warden: Destroy 7/25/50 Enemy Wards.
Week 6 Challenges
  • You Always Play The Right Thing: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Click Faster: Win 2/4/8 games as an Agility Hero.
  • Bounty Bonanza: Activate 5/15/45 Bounty Runes.
  • Safety Patrol: Prevent an Allied Hero from taking lethal damage in 1/3/6 game(s).
  • The Real MMR: Earn 500/1,500/3,500 Queue Time Trivia points.
  • Destination Murder: Kill 3/15/50 Heroes after teleporting.
Week 5 Challenges
  • I Was Going To Anyway: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Click Smarter: Win 2/4/8 games as an Intelligence Hero.
  • Hang A Star On That One: Complete 1/3/5 Hero Challenge(s) with 1-Star or greater.
  • Punching Down: Kill 2/6/15 Enemy Heroes while under the effect of Black King Bar.
  • They Don't Like That: Burn 3,000/9,000/20,000 mana from Enemy Heroes with spells or abilities.
  • Reconnaissance Renaissance: Plant 4/15/35 Observer Wards in Winning Games.
Bonus Week 4 Challenges
  • Hit Me: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • They Won't Need It Anyway: Accumulate 15,000/60,000/150,000 Net Worth in Winning Games.
  • None For Me Thanks: Block or Reflect 10/30/50 spells with Linken's Sphere or Lotus Orb.
  • Peak Performance: Deal 5,000/15,000/50,000 damage with your Ultimate Ability.
  • Scare Tactics: Fear or Taunt Heroes for 30/90/180 seconds.
  • Enchanting Enabler: Restore 5,000/15,000/40,000 mana to Allied Heroes.
Week 3 Challenges
  • Play A Round And Find Out: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Time The Triple: Root, Stun, or Hex three Enemy Heroes at once 2/6/12 times.
  • But Wait, There’s More: Get 2/6/12 Kills or Assists after using Refresher Orb in Winning Games.
  • Healers Are The Real Heroes: Heal other Heroes by 1,000/3,000/6,000 HP in Winning Games.
  • Real Tough: Kill 50/150/350 Creeps using abilities.
  • Embrace Limitation: Slow Enemy Heroes for 150/500/1,500 seconds.
Bonus Week 2 Challenges
  • Always A Good Game: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Range Is Just A Number: Get 3/8/15 Kills from more than 1500 range.
  • We Weren't Finished: Reincarnate 1/3/6 time(s) in Winning Game.
  • Stacks for Victory: Stack 2/5/9 Neutral Camps in Winning Games.
  • Do The Hard Part: Assist in 15/60/100 Enemy Hero Kills.
  • I Hear They Don't Like This: Deny 20/60/125 Creeps.
Week 1 Challenges
  • Press Play: Play 2/8/15 Matches.
  • Nobody Needs To Know: Kill 3/8/15 Heroes are leaving invisibility.
  • Best Two Out Of Three: Combine Sange, Kaya, or Yasha together in 1/3/6 Winning Game(s).
  • Party Patrol: Win 2/5/10 Matches in a Party of any size.
  • Dustbuster: Kill 2/4/7 Enemy Heroes revealed by Dust of Appearance.
  • Have Fun Storming The Castle: Hold the Enemy Outpost for 60/300/600 seconds.

Note: Dota 2 players can complete all these quests in Turbo mode for half the credits. Quest progress will only count for the week that is currently activated. They can also activate previous weeks' quests to complete older challenges.

There are 19 Weeks in which Dota 2 players can earn Battle Points. In addition, participating in Cavern Crawl is another way players can net easy Battle Points and Shards while working toward unlocking exclusive item sets for Crystal Maiden, Slardar, and Juggernaut.