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Everything In Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022: Part 2

Part 2 of the 2022 Dota Battle Pass has arrived with new rewards, features, and a frigid twist on the classic Diretide game mode.
Everything In Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022: Part 2

Now that The International 2022 has ended, with the victors named and the dust settled, Dota 2 fans can look forward to the release of Part 2 of the 2022 Battle Pass. Among the more notable additions is the return of the fan-favorite Diretide Halloween event and Candyworks, through which players can earn sweet loot like Immortals and Arcana cosmetics, with loads more rewards available. Here's everything in the Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022: Part 2.

All Content & Features In Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022: Part II

The second part of the Battle Pass was released on 3 November 2022 and ends on 12 January 2023, leaving plenty of time for players to level up and earn Battle Points. Better still, thanks to Valve introducing the new Swag Bag, everyone in the Dota community has an opportunity to enjoy the rewards.

Voidstorm Asylum - Razor Arcana

dota 2 battle pass part 2 Razor Voidstorm Asylum Arcana skin
Razor Voidstorm Asylum Arcana skin.

Note: Razor's Arcana skin will be made avaialable at a later date.

The new Razor "Voidstorm Asylum" Arcana skin will become available to all Battle Pass owners who reach Level 383. According to Valve's official blog post, "Razor reclaims the secrets of his true origins with an all-new Arcana bundle that will shatter the mystic bonds between the lightning revenant and the hidden masters of the Narrow Maze, and unleash a rage that only retribution will set to rights."

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Conduit of the Blueheart - Crystal Maiden Persona

Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden Persona
Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden Persona.

The new Crystal Maiden Persona "Conduit of the Blueheart" is available to all Dota 2 Battle Pass owners who reach Level 148. "Only the strongest of mages can endure the teachings that unlock the hidden powers of the Blueheart. Those who dare try have, but one choice of master — an ageless avatar whose very first lesson is that success earns only obligation, and failure opens the door to a lonely death."

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Immortal Treasure 2

immortal treasure 2 dota 2 battle pass part 2
Immortal Treasures are a great way to expand your cosmetic armory.

The next batch of Immortal Treasures is now available in Part II of the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass. These include Immortal rarity items for various heroes and additional Rare, Very Rare, Ultra Rare, or Cosmically Rare items, which unlock with scaling odds.

  1. Broodmother - Limbs of Lycosidae
  2. Huskar - Draca Mane
  3. Necrophos - Sullen Sanctum
  4. Dark Seer - Insight of Forlorn Precipice
  5. Dragon Knight - Draconic Divide
  6. Disruptor - Tremors of the Tandem Storm (Rare)
  7. Huskar - Golden Draca Mane (Very Rare)
  8. Necrophos - Golden Sullen Sanctum (Very Rare)
  9. Queen of Pain - Bloodfeather Finery (Ultra Rare)
  10. The 2022 Battle Pass Emblem (Cosmically Rare)

Cave Johnson Announcer Pack

As revealed during The International 2022 Finals Weekend, Portal antagonist Cave Johnson now has a regular and mega-kills announcer pack. Players can unlock it at Battle Pass Level 75.

New Versus Screen & Shaders

Flaunt Roshan's persistent pursuit or mark your meteoric entrance into the battlefield with two new Versus Screens: Diretide (unlocked at Battle Pass Level 117) and Nemestice (Level 239). In addition, players can "embrace the frosty festivities" with a new Diretide Shader (at Level 62).


Five more Taunts for Dota heroes: Elder Titan (Level 39), Primal Beast (Level 91), Underlord (Level 181), Dark Seer (Level 353), and Outworld Destroyer (Level 531) are now available with the Battle Pass: Part 2.

Cavern Crawl (Domain 2)

The second "icy domain" of Dota 2's Cavern Crawl has finally thawed out, allowing players to explore even more pathways in their quest to unlock exclusive item sets and bonus Battle Points. Check out our dedicated guide to learn more about how to play Cavern Crawl in Dota 2.

Diretide & Candyworks & Treasure Emporium

dota 2 battle pass part 2 diretide 2022
Dota Battle Pass: Part 2 brings a twist to the famed Halloween game mode.

The classic Halloween-themed game mode Diretide returns and puts everyone (including Roshan) in a candy craze. In addition, the Candyworks & Treasure Emporium is now open, allowing players to exchange Candy combos for rewards like Immortal Treasures and Arcana Skins. You can learn more about the Dota 2 Diretide Halloween 2022 event in our dedicated article.

That's everything you need to know about the contents of the 2022 Battle Pass: Part II in Dota 2. If there are any other surprises, we'll be sure to add them here.

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