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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero training mode revealed with Piccolo as your teacher

Get an early look at the expansive training mode in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.
Dragon Ball Sparking Zero training mode revealed with Piccolo as your teacher
Bandai Namco

The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero reveal quietly popped up as a recent PlayStation Blog, and players are getting the first glimpse at how the game's training mode will operate. With 17 years between this release and the previous Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, even veterans will need a refresher. We know that Piccolo and Gohan will take center stage, but more importantly Dragon Ball Sparking Zero doesn't stop with a basic tutorial.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero training mode revealed


Some fighting game enthusiasts may be more accustomed to the side-scrolling style of Dragon Ball FighterZ, but Sparking Zero is going back to the far more expansive 3D roots. Large destructible environments will allow you to recreate battles that actually rival the combat seen in Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball Z.

That also means there's a learning curve for most players as you adjust to an elaborate system with many different types of maneuvers to account for. Thankfully, trusty master Piccolo is at the helm once again. The primary training mode will largely feature an adult Gohan squaring off with Piccolo, and Gohan's little brother Goten will make a few appearances as well.

As seen above, there will be several tutorial types for different aspects of the game's controls, but it won't end after the basics. Multiple advanced levels of training will be available, and here are a few of the training drills that have been confirmed: 

  • Changing Characters
  • Transformations
  • Rush Chains
  • Vanishing Assaults
  • Advanced Counters
  • Dragon Dash
  • Super Perception
  • Z-Counters
  • Special Moves

If you've played the Xenoverse or Kakarot games in recent years, those aren't far off from what players will see from combat in Sparking Zero. However, both Xenoverse and Kakarot were more focused on aspects of the story mode and RPG elements. Some of that will be present in Sparking Zero, but the battles take center stage just like they often do in the Dragon Ball anime. You can check out the full preview at PlayStation Blog here, including a few short gameplay clips of training mode in action.