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One Character Missing From Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Sword Reveal

The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero trailer confirmed several characters that use swords, but there was at least one notable absence.
One Character Missing From Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Sword Reveal

Each new Dragon Ball Sparking Zero trailer serves two purposes, as they've both showcased gameplay and revealed confirmed more characters with each release. The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero teaser is framed as Sword vs. Fists, and it reveals multiple characters that will be available to use which wield swords in combat. Unfortunately, one important sword wielding fighter is once again missing from the Budokai Tenkaichi franchise.

Z Sword Gohan missing from Dragon Ball Sparking Zero reveal

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The Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Sword vs Fists trailer released last week confirmed nearly a dozen new characters or forms for the game's expansive roster. Of the sword picks, some use actual physical swords augmented by their own powers and a few have energy swords created entirely by their own power.

Unfortunately, one major sword wielder once again missed the cut. Z Sword Gohan, a version only briefly seen in the Dragon Ball Z anime during the Buu Saga, was not part of this reveal. There's a chance he could be saved for a later one, but it's unlikely they would've themed a trailer like this only to leave Z Sword Gohan out of it.

When Majin Buu's power becomes too overwhelming, Gohan is transported to the Sacred World of the Kais. Gohan successfully pulls the mythical Z Sword embedded in a large plateau using his Super Saiyan strength, and he proceeds to practice for some time learning how to wield the extremely heavy sword.

Unfortunately, with the exception of a very brief moment when Goku swings it around and the sword is used as a baseball bat on a large boulder, Z Sword Gohan never really gets showcased in the anime. Supreme Kai Shin brings out a massive cube of the densest material in the universe, and one swing causes the sword to shatter, releasing Old Kai and rendering the sword useless from then on.

Despite its short presence in the anime, the Z Sword has made appearances in several Dragon Ball video games including the recent Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It's often an accessory or part of the background, but hopes of seeing Z Sword Gohan in action in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero seem to have firmly been dashed by this trailer. However, they did confirm Super Vegito, Future Trunks, Yajirobe, Dabura, and Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rose) as sword users in the upcoming release.