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You'll Love or Hate the Latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Character Reveal

The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero reveal has confirmed a character most fans adore or despise.
You'll Love or Hate the Latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Character Reveal
Bandai Namco

As the release date for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero continues to draw near, additional character reveals and trailers keep dropping with the latest confirming a character that draws polarizing opinions from fans. A superhero-esque version of Gohan, known as Great Saiyaman, will officially join the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero roster at launch. On top of that, we've gotten a glimpse at some of what will make his inclusion extra special.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero confirms Great Saiyaman

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The latest reveal for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero confirmed that the Great Saiyaman will be in the game when it releases this October. The short clip shared on Twitter also gave fans a look at one of the special moves he'll have in the game, which includes Videl for a full animated and voice-acted cutscene.

Fans who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z tended to either love the silliness of Great Saiyaman or get frustrated that other things weren't being focused on. Making his first appearance in the anime after the Cell Saga wrapped up, a teenage Gohan found himself drawn to helping others in the city whenever possible. To protect his anonymity among classmates, Gohan created the Great Saiyaman persona.

While fan opinions of the original Great Saiyaman Saga are mixed, Akira Toriyama loved the character enough to bring it back briefly in Dragon Ball Super. In the return arc, a Great Saiyaman movie which parodies the superhero film genre is being made, and ultimately Gohan as Great Saiyaman ends up having to take on a very powerful alien invader.

Now we've finally got confirmation that Great Saiyaman will also have a presence in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, and the clip shared also reveals a special move with Videl that features a full cutscene. It's not yet clear if this will be a regular move of Great Saiyaman's, something seen in the elaborate story mode, or if it's a move only usable when you've got Great Saiyaman and Videl on the same team.

Some fans who never cared for the character will likely be frustrated and have preferred others take the roster slot, but others will be thrilled. Personally, I can't wait to use the defender of truth, protector of the innocent, upholder of justice, doer of good alongside Videl when Dragon Ball Sparking Zero arrives.