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All Dying Light 2 safe codes and locations

Here are all the known Dying Light 2 safe codes so you don't have to find the combination yourself. This guide is as spoiler-free as possible.
All Dying Light 2 safe codes and locations

As the sequel to Techland's beloved parkour zombie-slaying original, Dying Light 2 Stay Human features a vast open world, filled to the brim with hundreds of hours of content. As Aiden Caldwell players will come across a multitude of activities, parkouring through the city of Villedor. On your zombie-slaying adventures, you might come across some safes that require codes to unlock. 

In this guide, we will tell you the exact safe code combinations in Dying Light 2 so you don't have to solve the puzzles yourself.

Please note that we have attempted to keep this guide as spoiler-free as possible. We do, however, provide you with an indication of where each safe is, so you can enter the correct code.

All Dying Light 2 safe codes & locations

Before we continue with all the safe code combinations in Dying Light 2 after the image below, please be aware that there are slight spoilers in terms of the general locations of these safes. If you want to go in blind and find the safe locations yourself, turn parkour away now.

Dying Light 2 safe codes locations how to open combinations safe code
There are several safes located across Dying Light 2's sprawling city. (Picture: Techland)

Safes in Dying Light 2 hold some valuable items, from Inhibitor chips which allow you to permanently upgrade Aiden's Health and Stamina, to items you can sell, craft gear with, and some even require you to complete in order to progress in the story.

With the importance of safe codes in Dying Light 2 in mind, check out the codes and the general locations of each safe below.

First Biomarker quest safe code: 973 

Location: Saint Joseph Hospital with quest provided by McGregor in Houndfield. Check out our full guide for the First Biomarker quest for more detail.

Dying Light 2 safe codes locations how to open combinations safe code
Opening the First Biomarker quest safe. (Picture: Techland)

Treasure Hunt quest safe code: 032167

Location: If you keep the map during The Deserter quest you will get another quest called Treasure Hunt. The safe is located in the basement of the Muddy Grounds water tower.

Military Airdrop Downtown safe code: 313

Location: In the Downtown region, on top of the big Military Airdrop building next to the Downtown Bandit Camp, you will find this safe.

Moonshine quest safe code: 1492

Location: Horseshoe Water Tower. Requires you to side with Jack and Joe in a previous quest, and get arrested.

Nightrunner's Hideout safe code: 101

Location: The area is located north of Cherry Windmill in the Houndfield region. It is on the ground floor. Look for a crack in the wall.

Dying Light 2 safe codes locations how to open combinations safe code
Grab that Inhibitor from the Nightrunner's Hideout safe. (Picture: Techland)

Broadcast quest safe code: 314

Location: At the Garrison Electrical Station building. Located behind Section C. Unlock the door by connecting a wire.

Church Tower safe code: 510

Location: The Bazaar in Old Villedor at the top of the Church Tower. This is a late-game safe requiring quite a lot of stamina.

We will endeavour to update this article once we find more safe code combinations in Dying Light 2.


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Featured image courtesy of Techland / Featured content courtesy of Cultured Vultures.