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How to unlock Hussar Sword in Dying Light 2

Hussar Sword is a free reward in Dying Light 2. Here’s how you can get Hussar in Dying Light 2.
How to unlock Hussar Sword in Dying Light 2

There are plenty of different types of weapons in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, each with varying rarity and attributes. Unlike the original, Dying Light 2 doesn't have guns, and the game does a fine job justifying the absence of the same. 

While you have to grind for most of the rare and unique weapons in Dying Light 2, whether it's by completing main missions or side missions or by scavenging Old World Money and buying them from your favourite vendor, you can unlock one with high stats for free. This weapon is the Hussar Sword, and here's how you can unlock it.

Dying Light 2 Hussar Sword - How to get it

Unlock Hussar sword dying light 2 how to get QR code
You can get the hussar sword for free in Dying Light 2. (Picture: Techland)

Techland's merchandise store is giving away the Hussar Sword for free to celebrate Dying Light 2's launch.

Once you log in to the game on any of the platforms, you will get a pop-up from Techland's Gamers and Goodies website with a QR code and a link to register.

Unlock Hussar sword dying light 2 how to get QR code
Scan the QR code to create your TechlandGG account. (Picture: Techland)

To begin, scan the QR code or use the link to get a unique code, which you have to use to create an account on Techland's Gamers and Goodies website. You also have to verify your email account so make sure to check the Spam folder for it.

Once your account is verified, login into Techland's GG website and link to the platform you're playing Dying Light 2 on. Make sure to link the platform as otherwise, Hussar Sword won't appear in your in-game stash. 

Unlock Hussar sword dying light 2 how to get QR code
Some ongoing technical issues may prevent you from getting the hussar sword immediately. (Picture: Techland)

Dying Light 2 is currently experiencing technical issues both in-game and, as it seems, outside of it as well, especially when it comes to redeeming stuff.

Once you have claimed the reward and completed the game's prologue, the Hussar Sword should appear in your stash. If it doesn't, know that it's a technical issue, which Techland is aware of and is working hard to fix. Either way, your free weapon will be yours soon, if not immediately.


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Featured image courtesy of Techland.