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E3 2019: EA Play roundup

It's that time of the year where the major developers and publishers in gaming start showing off their shiny new hardware, their gripping new games and all the services they plan to offer in the future.

Kicking things off at E3 2019 was EA Play, Electronic Arts showcasing all of their major upcoming announcements. Here, you can find a quick roundup of everything they shared during their series of livestreams.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • Will follow a Jedi hero shortly after Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine grabbed power and formed the evil empire
  • EA showed about 15 minutes of gameplay, from around three hours into the story.

Apex Legends

  • A new weapon called the L-Star will be coming to Apex Legends, which is only available through a care package drop
  • They're introducing a ranked mode in Season 2 – rejoice!
  • New Legend incoming: Wattson. She's an electrical engineer that can use electrical fences to help defend her team.

Battlefield 5

  • They're introducing a brand new map called Al Sondan. It looks huge, even by Battlefield standards
  • They also introduced a new map called Marita
  • There's also another new map called Operation Underground which is better for players who prefer close-quarters combat
  • They will be bringing in a bunch of new weapons and vehicles for Chapter V


  • A big focus on the new Volta mode – basically FIFA Street but included in the main game
  • Can finally create female characters with full customisation just like their male counterparts.
  • Updates on AI and dribbling – not much to comment on without actually playing it though
  • New free kick and penalty system. Have full control of the curve in free kicks with the right analog stick.
  • Nothing major – Volta was really their primary concern.

Madden NFL 2020

  • Aiming to provide real-time updates in-game. For example, if a team introduces a new play, Madden will aim to have it in that team's playbook as soon as possible.
  • Super star journey trailer was revealed

The Sims 4

  • From July 16 on consoles, and July 21 on PC, Sims 4 Island Living arrives. New clothes, scuba diving and an active volcano included.
  • Also, mermaids and dolphins. How they affect gameplay I'm not completely sure, but it seems a good thing.
  • EA have also taken it upon themselves to care for social and world issues: Pride items will be available in-game and you have to take care of the environment otherwise it changes for the worst. Will be interesting to see how that works.

That's all from EA for 2019; again no Skate 4, which is a hill I will happily die on, and there was a sad lack of information or updates on FIFA 20, but this isn't something we should really have been expecting in the first place. There have been rumours bandying about surrounding FIFA 20, but we'll hold off discussing them until we get a reliable source.

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