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E3 Returns In 2023 With Gamers & Business Days

E3 is making its grand return in 2023 and the event will be split up into different sections such as business and gamer days.
E3 Returns In 2023 With Gamers & Business Days

It has been a long time coming, but the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, will finally make its return on June 13, 2023. E3 has always been hailed as one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, so it is exciting that the expo is finally returning.

After initially being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the minds behind E3 have been planning on how to make the convention better for everyone. With that being said, E3 is planning to introduce both Business and Gaming days for the event.

Going To E3 For Business or Gaming?

The LACC will be the home of E3 2023.
The LACC will be the home of E3 2023. (Picture: GameIndustry.biz)

E3 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in 2023. In the past, ticket holders could essentially go to the convention at any time. This allowed them to mix and mingle with the developers, media, and other prominent members of the gaming industry.

That, however, is changing in 2023. E3 2023 will now help separate businesses and consumers on a schedule.

  • Tuesday, June 13 - Business Day
  • Wednesday, June 14 - Business Day
  • Thursday, June 15 - Business/Consumer Day
  • Friday, June 16 - Consumer Day

On business days, developers will have a better opportunity to plan their events and interact with other developers, media members, and others in the gaming industry. These business days are designed so those who work in the games industry have a better chance to meet with others who also work with games.

Business days are also the best days for media as well. Gaming news outlets will no longer have to compete with the general public to try out the latest games, so faster gaming reporting and impressions are likely to happen.

On top of that, E3 is developing an app that will allow those in the gaming industry to better connect and meet with one another while they are at E3. This will lead to further collaboration and move the gaming industry forward.

Gamers are excited to get into the E3 convention hall after so long.
Gamers are excited to get into the E3 convention hall after so long. (Picture: Keengamer.com)

After business is done, there are the consumer days that ticket holders can attend. The LACC will be divided in half into business attendees and consumer attendees.

In the business half, it is more closely tight-knit and a lot quieter. This is made to help further develop relationships between members of the industry.

The other half is for consumers and it is going to look like the E3 that everyone is used to. This means that those who miss E3 should get excited for its grand return next year.

What do you think were the best things to come out of E3 2023? Let us know in the comments, and have a look at all of our E3 coverage to keep up!

Featured image courtesy of E3/ ReedPop