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EA Sports College Football 25 Game Modes, Road to Glory and Dynasty return

Learn about all the new and returning EA Sports College Football 25 game modes before it arrives.
EA Sports College Football 25 Game Modes, Road to Glory and Dynasty return
EA Sports

With the release date continuing to draw near, multiple EA Sports College Football 25 game modes have now been confirmed. While the earliest glimpses focused on a few flashes of gameplay and an emphasis on the overall atmosphere and presentation, it's the core game modes that will dominate the time players spend in this franchise revival.

From longtime favorites like Dynasty and Road to Glory to their new offerings, there will be many different ways to play EA Sports College Football 25. Whether you've already got your EA Sports College Football 25 pre order secured or are still on the fence, we'll break down all the game modes players can look forward to.

EA Sports College Football 25 Game Modes

CFB25_Pre-Snap Recognition2

Following the confirmation of the EA Sports College Football 25 release date, we also have official word about which game modes will be included. Fortunately, many will be happy to know the two most beloved game modes in franchise history are back. EA Sports College Football 25 will include both Road to Glory and Dynasty Mode, but that pair won't be alone.

Road to Glory

Road to Glory will serve as the single player career mode with your own custom student-athlete as you manage a weekly schedule, maintain your GPA and image, earn Coach Trust to get more playing time, and even have the option to use the transfer portal to find a new team. There are some reports that equipment will play a heavier role in this mode than it does in Madden's own career mode, but details on that are scarce.

It looks like they're heavily pushing for players at varying experience levels to feel very different, so this could end up being a dynamic and evolving game mode as you rise through the ranks in Road to Glory. Another hope among some is the potential for connectivity where you can upload a Road to Glory player into Madden 25, but nothing has been confirmed on that front.

Dynasty Mode

Dynasty Mode is the College Football 25 equivalent of Franchise Mode, and you'll use a custom created coach to create the most prolific college football program possible. Coaching staff, coach abilities to upgrade, and a recruiting system that uses both high school and the transfer portal are confirmed.

For those looking to play with friends, Online Dynasty is confirmed and will allow up to 32 players in an online league. However, it has already been confirmed that crossplay won't be supported by Online Dynasty.

Ultimate Team

Since you can't have a modern sports sim without a microtransaction fueled card collecting mode, College Football Ultimate Team will be here as well. There aren't a ton of details, but by all signs this looks to be using pretty much the exact same structure as Madden Ultimate Team.

College Football Ultimate Team is already confirmed to include Solo Challenges and H2H Seasons. There will also be Ultimate Team Champs and Champs Gauntlet, but specifics are scarce so far. If you're planning to spend a lot of time in Ultimate Team, making sure you pre order a Deluxe Edition will net significantly more advantages in this mode.

Road to the College Football Playoff

Lastly, there's a new Road to the College Football Playoff mode that sounds like it could work as a streamlined Dynasty Mode experience, perhaps similar to how Playoff Mode works in NHL 24 or March to October functions in MLB The Show 24. The minimal description from EA explains you'll "climb the poll by upsetting the toughest opponents, make it to the playoff, and vie for the National Championship."

One big layer of uncertainty is whether this mode will be fully online or something that functions both online and in an offline single player capacity. Road to the College Football Playoff will have crossplay support, so it being online only is very possible. Like all the game modes, additional details and gameplay footage should be revealed in the coming weeks. If you're still unsure, check out the EA Sports College Football 25 trial through EA Play when launch day draws near.