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Madden 25 Release Date Window, Latest News

Fans have plenty to look forward to in 2024, and that includes the Madden 25 release date.
Madden 25 Release Date Window, Latest News
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Even as fans watch the latest NFL season wrap up, many are looking ahead to the arrival of Madden 25 later this year. At least, they've got the eyes on a potential release date for a game we think might be called Madden 25.

With the benefit of annual releases and a reliable schedule, it's already pretty clear when EA Sports will start rolling out Madden 25 reveals and which release date window they're targeting. Here's everything we know so far about when Madden 25 will come out and whether that will actually be the game's name.

Madden 25 Release Date Window (2024)

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There's plenty of room to criticize EA Sports about quality of their franchise, but they're always consistent and the Madden 25 release date window will likely fall right in line with their usual plans. A few years back, Madden 23 landed on Friday, August 19, 2022 just before the NFL season got rolling. Last year, Madden 24 dropped on Friday, August 18, 2023.

With that in mind, we predict the Madden 25 release date will be Friday, August 16, 2024. One big sign of the release date that we don't yet know is when the NFL season itself starts, as the season starting any earlier would likely push EA to move their plans forward a bit. The 2024-2025 NFL schedule is expected to be revealed in May, after the dust has settled on the NFL Draft.

As for confirmation of the Madden 25 release date, that will likely land in June 2024. This is also the usual timing for EA Sports, as it allows them to finalize things to align with the next year's NFL schedule and get the hype cycle rolling at least two months before launch.

What will Madden 25 be called?


Now, it's important we address an elephant in the room that is likely already on the mind of many players. Technically, the Madden 25 release date was August 27, 2013. EA Sports released a title dubbed Madden NFL 25 instead of naming that year's game Madden 14 in line with all their other releases.

The reasoning behind this was to celebrate 25 years of Madden, as the original John Madden Football was released for the Apple II back on June 1, 1988. As of now, EA Sports has yet to confirm if they still plan to release the 2024 edition as Madden 25, potentially referred to then as "Madden 25 (2024)," but we should know for certain when June's reveals arrive.

Madden 25 Early Access Prediction

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When we learn the day Madden 25 will come out, we should also get confirmation of Early Access as a pre order bonus for non-standard editions of the game. Things could always change, but EA Sports has stuck by the Early Access model for several years now and shows no signs of abandoning it.

There was also some confusion surrounding the timing of the trial in the past, but they've settled on a three day window the last few years. If our primary release date prediction holds, that would likely make the Madden 25 early access release date land on Tuesday, August 13, 2024.

A limited time 10-hour EA Play trial will likely be released on the same day, but players who want to keep going past that window will have to purchase the full game. Additional details about pre order bonuses should be revealed at the same time as the release date confirmation in June.