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Why wasn't EA Sports College Football announced during the National Championship?

Tons of fans were eagerly anticipating news about EA Sports College Football that never came.
Why wasn't EA Sports College Football announced during the National Championship?
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With the excitement the highest it's been in recent years for the National Championship game, at least some of that was tied to hopes of an EA Sports College Football reveal. In the last few weeks heading into the game, speculation ramped up once a report indicated what many had already thought was a strong possibility. Michigan has won their National Championship, but we still don't have any new EA Sports College Football announcements.

Why didn't EA Sports College Football get announced during the National Championship?

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It's sort of the elephant in the room as fans, even those who didn't even watch the game, are still confused as to why EA Sports would miss an opportunity like this. The release of EA Sports College Football is currently targeted for Summer 2024, and it'll be a truly monumental return for a franchise that was absent for over a decade.

There is no bigger moment in college football each year than the National Championship, and so naturally many figured this was the most logical moment for EA Sports to drop any potential news about the upcoming release. In fact, there was even a report back on January 4 from 247sports that their own sources expected an official update around the timing of the National Championship.

The most alarming possibility is that there simply wasn't enough ready for a reveal at this point, and that's no doubt a worrisome thought when the game is supposed to be less than half a year from launch. However, it seems more likely that EA Sports simply loves to control their moment.

Sure, an announcement during the National Championship would've drawn buzz, but it also would've been swallowed up by much of the National Championship discussion itself. They've already done one ESPN exclusive about EA Sports College Football, and they'll no doubt get the chance to dominate the conversation when they do announce things.

Finally, the last factor to consider is finalizing player compensation and the question of which players will be heading to the NFL Draft. EA Sports may still be confirming their cover athlete, and any potential in-game footage would likely need to have already confirmed agreements in place with any player shown. Rather than risking a watered-down reveal, it appears they're making fans wait for the next official bit of EA Sports College Football news.