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Elden Ring Player Drops Nearly 86 Million Runes: Cheaters in 2024?

It looks like Elden Ring's PvP might not be clear of cheaters just yet as the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion looms.
Elden Ring Player Drops Nearly 86 Million Runes: Cheaters in 2024?

With Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion releasing on 21 June 2024 and the main game being over two years old, it is unfortunate that The Lands Between isn't completely rid of cheaters just yet.

At least, that's how things appear, as a clip has been circulating around where a player dropped nearly 86 million Runes on death. To be specific, 85899344 Runes. For reference, a max level invading player would drop roughly 350,000 Runes.

Check out the video below, where you'll see what appears to be a cheater meeting their untimely demise in Elden Ring, thanks to an incredible shot with the Jar Cannon.

On PSN someone just dropped 80M+ runes on death, Patches is set to retire in luxury. Anyone ever seen this before? (max level player should normally drop 355K)
byu/Esbidee inEldenring

The smart money is on this being a cheater that got caught off-guard. Some users in the Reddit thread even mention specific character builder cheats, so there's clearly still an infestation to snuff out. 

This could be a rare bug on the PlayStation Network (PSN) instead of cheating. Some users in the Reddit thread pointed out that if this was a cheater, they would have probably survived that one hit from a non-cheating player. Further, it appears that the precise number of Runes dropped happened previously.

Is it a cheater or a rare PSN bug that has caused this? We don't know, but it definitely isn't a normal occurrence...